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Effective Digital Advertising Tactics for Your Brand

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Effective Digital Advertising Tactics for Your Brand

Digital advertising is indeed an effective way to get your content found and improve your brand’s online visibility. Though content marketing and organic search methods are playing their roles, we can’t neglect the power of digital advertising. We know how ads can play a great role in getting our products and services found. But how do you know which digital marketing platform works best for your business? If you want to advertise online, so from where do you start? It solely depends on your target audience and how do you want to get there.

It’s almost impossible these days to find a brand without any social media channels. From web design companies to online shopping stores to influencers to celebrities, there is a Facebook profile, Twitter handle, and a Google plus account to find their online presence. When it comes to advertising your products and services on social media, everything is continually modifying.

Advertisers are not quite sure what works. Customers are confused with new ads popping up on their timelines. And most importantly, digital advertising platforms including, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are still trying to balance user experience with maximizing revenues. Social ads usually follow Pay-Per-Click campaign, making it easier for online businesses to opt for the method, as you pay for what you get.

Facebook Advertising

This is an effective digital marketing platform, perfect for B2C business types. Facebook campaigns are similar to Google PPC campaigns, allowing you to bid for clicks on keywords. Facebook ads display either on the right vertical bar or in the news feed. Remember, people take your ads in an advertising context, so adding photos is a key to a successful Facebook advertising campaign. B2B and B2C marketers can get benefit of this digital advertising tactic to promote their business. Facebook ads are easy to launch and edit and you can optimize to correct the nonperforming ads by boosting the budget.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter ads are quite different from Facebook advertising. Through Facebook ads, you will have a chance to put your brand image forward. While Twitter ads you can only out what you might normally tweet into a more obvious place. Ads work in parallel with the nature of your normal Twitter feed and will not change the direction. Promoting your tweets to the right audience is the key to get the most of your ads and expose your social voice to your potential clientele.

Banner Advertising

Banner ads when used effectively can pull the engagement. Interesting images, catchy CTA can create a perfect banner ad that can establish visual branding and grab a highly targeted audience. The potential to choose where the ad shows up allows advertisers to run their campaign. Companies should act cleverly to create powerful and interactive banners. Small, midsize and large enterprises with a solid ad budget and a creative idea can get the most of their banner ads. As a meaningful visual idea can have a potential to engage your audience.

PPC Advertising

Another form of digital advertising is pay-per-click advertising that have become a massive advantage for companies looking to intervene in one banner space. PPC ads appear in the background of many websites and are convincing enough to convey a message. The best thing about PPC ads is that they offer predictable ROI so you can easily devise the cost for PPC ads. Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns guarantee that advertisers will not drop too much of their budget upon launch. If truth to be told, PPC ads are your best bet for a highly profitable campaign. A perfect PPC ad has meaningful images, call to action and competitive prices.

Every digital marketing platform has their own worth; changing technology and market trends are giving more productive results. Mobile ads are predicted to constitute a large percentage of all advertising methods in the coming years. Mobile advertising is becoming more and more imperative if you really want to advertise online. At the end of the day, the quality of advertising techniques will be judged by their success ratio.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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