Make your Brand Mobile through Cost-Effective and Versatile Vehicle Branding

Make your Brand Go Places through Affordable & Versatile Vehicle Branding

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Make your Brand Go Places through Affordable & Versatile Vehicle Branding

The cost of traditional advertising has increased manifold in the last few decades. Not many companies can afford to put up huge billboards and neon signs on major thoroughfares or near the business district/downtown area. Small businesses and startups certainly have to come up with something else to make a mark for themselves.  Vehicle branding is one way to make your product reach the masses and increase the chances of Making it familiar amongst its target market.

Digital marketing is important, but outdoor advertising is also a great way to promote your brand. In a big city like Dubai, millions of people can see your product displayed at any public place. One way of making your branding visible is through vehicle wrap, which can be very effective if done right. Advertising on vehicles is akin to a moving billboard which people across a city or region can see. People are compelled to see your brand when the vehicle is moving or even stationary.

Take a look at the examples below of how vehicles can get the attention of people through apt designing and use of bold colors and font.



To come up with a theme and design that can turn heads, creativity is a must. The following are some of the best advantages of vehicle branding so that every company must think seriously about adopting it.

  • Vehicle branding can turn the car or truck on which you will apply design into a valuable asset. Your name will be displayed anywhere the vehicle will go and is a brilliant medium of advertising.
  • It is very cost-effective as just one-time investment is required, unlike billboards, where you have to pay a regular fee to the company that owns the advertisement site.
  • People looking at the vehicle will become curious about your brand, and you will get many inquiries. That’s why it is important to put phone numbers or email addresses clearly.
  • Various options are available to make use of vehicle branding. You can just put a logo of your company or completely design a vehicle with graphics representing different aspects and features of your product.

The following are some tips, regarding the design, layout, theme and text, on how you need to proceed to offer a great sight to anyone looking at the vehicle.

Don’t Overwhelm the Vehicle with Graphics and Text

While you can use every inch of space in decorating your vehicle for branding, in some cases, it is not the best idea. Take a look at the picture below, and you will understand exactly what I’m trying to say.

Think about the information that is most important to you. Vehicle branding is not a brochure about everything your company does or deals with the specifications of your product. As the vehicle moves past a person, he only has a few seconds to digest all the information. So, don’t overwhelm them and keep the design, and especially the text, minimal.

Avoid the Use of Fancy Fonts

Fancy fonts look adorable and have a good impact, but you have to think about everything concerning vehicle brands. Can everyone I will decipher your message from a distance if it is written in a fancy font? Think about comics sans and brush script fonts as one time they were the rage. Can you use them on any vehicle and expect a good result? Certainly not.

Take a look at the picture above. Although the word “Roberts” is written in a somewhat fancy font, it is still readable. That’s where you need to think about getting the expertise of designers who are competent in their job.

Make Full Use of the Body of the Vehicle

Think of your vehicle as a three-dimensional object rather than a whiteboard on which you can write or draw something. You can use the side of the vehicle, black mirror or even bumpers to draw a picture or offer some text. But you need to be vigilant here as not every country in the world has the same laws when it comes to advertisements on a vehicle.

The picture mentioned above is a classic example. Notice that the window of the vehicle is obscured by design. In the US state of Wisconsin, it is illegal. So, check the local laws, rules and regulations concerning traffic and using vehicles for branding before finalizing the design.

Send the Right Message Across 

Always use a design or text which can be easily understandable. Coming up with the design which is confusing or can be mistaken for something other than your product is like committing a blunder. A person who will see the vehicle for the first time will not be able to get the message you want to convey. Use pictures and graphics which are of high quality as low-quality images will lessen the impact on the viewer.

See the picture above as it conveys the right message without going for an intricate image or lots of text. A simple message conveyed without any gimmickry.

Make a Statement without Being Boring

Telling people about your product or company doesn’t need to be boring or conventional. You can put humor in your message or can twist a famous quote according to your requirement. Think about ways to attract people who may see your vehicle for merely a few seconds. The image below is a perfect example of creativity and, at the same time, being professional without going into the childish category.

Final Word

Vehicle branding is one of the most effective ways to put your message across while being cost-effective too. Make the design on the vehicle that looks imaginative, fascinating and vibrant. Over time, you never know that you can reach millions of people with a small fleet of cars. Choose the route of the vehicles, where they ply to and from your office/factory, wisely so that you attract the maximum number of eyeballs.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or have a query in mind concerning any aspect mentioned here, please speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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