These 3 Email Marketing Tactics Can Help Your Brand to Get More ROI

These 3 Email Marketing Tactics Can Help Your Brand to Get More ROI

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June 14, 2017
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These 3 Email Marketing Tactics Can Help Your Brand to Get More ROI

Out of all the digital marketing channels present out there, email is indeed the most powerful yet impressive one. No matter if you are a B2C or B2B marketer, if you do email marketing right, you will find that your efforts and investment will pay off big time.

Certainly, there are some other ways that can help your brand to generate more leads, as there are some businesses that still thrive without an email list.

Believe it or not, the benefits of email marketing are considerable, outstanding and long-term, as compared to social and search channels. It is estimated that brands can get a $39.40 return on every $1 invested into email marketing.

It is simply not enough to send emails every now and then. You need to make sure your email open rate is the best it can be. Because, if people don’t bother to open your email, then what’s the point to sending them and how can you achieve your goals?

There are a number of email marketing tips and tricks that can help brands and digital marketing agencies to improve their email open rate. Like segmenting your email list can be beneficial. A study shows that including a recipient’s name in the subject line can increase open rate by up to 18.30%.

Moreover, you simply can’t send emails to your subscribers and expect the desired results. Knowing what your subscribers actually want and crafting a personalized email for them can increase your chances to make a big difference.

Most of all, you need to provide real value, otherwise people will ignore your subsequent email marketing efforts.

Nearly every business creates an email list because they want to grow their business. You should promote your products and services via email marketing, but it will get you more ROI only when you are confident the product, service or app will truly resolve your customers’ problems.

When it comes to getting more ROI, business owners, digital marketers, industry experts and entrepreneurs try to establish marketing strategies that work best. However, some businesses think that email marketing is gradually becoming useless and getting replaced by social media marketing techniques. But still email marketing has its own unique benefits that can yield more ROI.

This is the reason; some businesses are now investing more than a fifth of their overall sales to email marketing. So, if you are not taking email marketing seriously, trust me your brand is missing out on a huge opportunity. Don’t even think about removing it from your digital marketing strategy.

But the question is how can you get the most out of your email marketing efforts and how can you optimize it to get more ROI? What email marketing strategies and tips are industry experts, famous brands, digital marketing agencies such as Dubai Monsters and other SaaS startups are employing to get outstanding results? Let’s have a look.

1. Personalize Your Emails Wisely

It’s no wonder that 74% of marketers are fully convinced to create personalized emails, as they can improve conversion rate by 10% and click-through rates by 14%, if compared to traditionally designed emails.

Based on these statistics, personalization is indeed the worthwhile choice. But how to add a personalized touch in your emails to get leads and conversions.

For this you need to determine your current and future buyers’ interests and desires. Consider segmentation on the basis of industry, gender, location and profession to fine tune your email marketing strategy.

A/B testing can help you further understand your future client’s presences and needs. Send emails with no just recipient’s name, but also add additional details like the last article they shared, their company name, last product they ordered etc. The more specific you are, the higher your ROI will be.

Digital Marketer Case Study

Digital Marketer is a leading marketing blog these days that believe that a responsive email list is the key to build a sustainable business. They get too many leads when their emails come in people’s inbox. They engage their audience through email marketing, they teach them how to do a particular thing and enhance brand credibility.

Digital marketer increased their email open rates by 3 times by personalizing subject lines. Here’s how.

They use the following subject lines in their emails:

  • Benefit-driven subject lines: State the advantage the recipient will get by opening it.
  • Urgency email subject lines: Mention any discount that expires on a particular date.
  • Proof-based subject lines: Tell your prospects how many businesses have benefited from your products to services.
  • Curiosity based subject lines: Provide your prospects with a hint or a secret to make them want to open it.
  • Unicode Symbols: To ensure your emails stand out and open, Digital Marketer advises the use of Unicode emotions, symbols and objects.

2. Incorporate Latest Technology

As technology is continuously evolving, digital markets have started leveraging different tech-savvy ideas to boost user engagement. Almost 82% of B2B and B2C businesses are taking maximum advantage of email marketing technologies.

With the recent popularity of GIFs, and other latest visuals, you can get the most out of these visual elements by embedding them into your email design. You can even leverage clickable links to stream content from your blog, website or RSS feed and take people directly to your sales page.

Sparringmind Case Study

Gregory Ciotti is one of the most famous content marketers who runs a website Sparringmind. He amazingly got a boost in email open rates by 59% by using a strong call to action. He solely relied on this single tactic and got a dramatic increase in click through rates and overall engagement. He advises brands to add a high converting call to action in your emails to make people to take action.

3. Give Immense Value

We live in a time where we can easily judge the relevance of an email without opening it. The subject line gives a clear idea about what has in store for us and in case you open it, you can easily skim through the content to determine whether or not you should actually read it or pass it on. This is where value comes.

In U.S. many businesses send out approximately 1.47 million emails per month. Value, if truth be told refers to the effectiveness of email content. Providing value also means excluding all the jargon and getting straight to the point with all the relevant information that can capture readers’ attention and solve their problems. By doing so your band will create a connection with your readers and eventually improve your conversion rate and ROI.

It is important to make sure to align your overall email marketing plan with your company’s objectives and goals. Otherwise, all your email marketing efforts will be in vain.

MailiGen Case Study

MailiGen is an email marketing software that helps business improve their email, mobile and social media marketing efforts. They increased their email open rate by 29% by resending emails.

The company used a simple technique of behavioral segmentation which is an effective email marketing tactic to improve your conversion rate. The company collected user behavior data and selected subscribers who don’t opened their emails and resent the email with a more creative subject line.

It is possible that your subscribers don’t trust them. Building credibility and trust is crucial if you want to convert subscribers into customers. It is important when you are selling a product.

Wrapping it Up

Your ability to get your audience from opening your email to convert is crucial to your business’s success. Do all you can to convert prospects into leads. Because people don’t buy what you are selling or promoting, they actually buy why you are selling.

So, if your email is vague, non-personalized, underwhelming, or too promotional, you don’t have a why factor and people won’t think for a second to switch to your competitors who do have that why factor.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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