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Influential Female Logo Designers Who Transformed the Design Industry

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August 19, 2016
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August 22, 2016
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Influential Female Logo Designers Who Transformed the Design Industry

When in design school, the gender split is almost 50/50 which makes it a perfect blend of both the genders in the design industry. But the sad part is, however, that the same ratio is barely reflected in the overall statistics and its male designers whom we see on the covers of books, and behind the famous brand logos these days.

The truth is that female designers are sometimes in greater domination in education and the affect tis reversed in the graphic design industry. This leaves the industry missing on to the enthusiasm, talent and even that feminine touch to designs.

But does this mean that there are no female designers at all?

On the contrary, females have made a prominent mark in the graphic design industry by bringing to light amazing logo design inspiration that stand exemplary to all other logos to date. Let’s find out more about these astonishing achievements.

The Timeless Chanel Logo by Coco Chanel


Although Coco Chanel was not a graphic designer, yet she created a logo for her line that was instantly recognizable. Standing as a mark of luxury, intrigue and style that women drool over, it stands as a timeless piece of logo representing the true power of communication and image that she set for her target audience.

So where did the inspiration come from really? Well, that’s where the contradiction lies. Some say the double ‘c’ was either inspired by stained glass windows of Chateu Cremat, in Nice, where she grew up while others argue that it was drawn out of her own initials, Coco, and that of her co-founder’s initial, Arthur Capel. Regardless of that, she sure had an impeccable eye for fashion and brought about a drastic change to the design industry with a design so simple yet representing elegance and boldness. Now that’s how you influence the world with the real power of fashion, by transforming two industries at one time.

The Famous Nike Swoosh by Carolyn Davidson


Known as one of the most iconic logos of all times, the famous Nike ‘Swoosh’ was designed by Carolyn Davidson. She designed it back when she was in graphic design school at Portland State University. Phil Knight, co-founder for Nike taught at the very university and didn’t like it at first but intended to let it grow on him and it did.

While Carolyn was only just looking for some extra cash when she did the job, she didn’t imagine it becoming this big. Nike grew up to be one of the most valued brands to date that are recognizable instantly and the logo sure has an important part to play in the transition. The sports design industry is male-dominated to a greater extent but Carolyn took over and showed the world what female graphic designers are capable of.

The Dynamic Whitney Museum Logo by Stolk, Brinkers and Dungen


The logo for Whitney Museum of American Art is a collaborated effort of Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers and Danny van den Dungen. It has been entitled as the ‘Responsive W’ and is utterly dynamic and simplistic in nature, all at once. One female graphic designer tagged with two males and the masterpiece is this epic logo – terrific job by the trio.

‘W’ is easily recognizable thereby making the logo a remarkable addition to the world of logo design industry. Given the simplicity of the design, the logo can be used as a reference to various graphic design students today as to how a mere letter can be fancied as a logo.

In order to be successful in the design industry, it is important to have a nag for creativity tagged with skillfulness of getting the job done as well uniqueness in your designs that outshines. If there are more and more women designers entering this industry with the mentioned skillset, then perhaps this year should be marked as a year for female designers.

Genders aside, showcase your skills today and as a designer, help each other out by means of encouragement and equality.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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