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For everyone’s eyes! The types of web designs out to make an impact in 2022

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For everyone’s eyes! The types of web designs out to make an impact in 2022

For everyone’s eyes! The types of web designs out to make an impact in 2022

In web design, people will see a trend that will be making a lot of rounds. There will be a huge amount of playfulness in each website that will be made this year. That element will be found in web design.

Web designers have started crafting websites as interactive projects, worthwhile works of art that exist for not just functionality, but for playfulness, delight and creating a great time. This can take a lot of designers back to the initiation of the web era when they found ways to present new techniques, or make websites for their own sake.

What is the current era of web design like?

Web designers believe that they are in a period that is a bit like the renaissance period of the early era of web itself. Fashion these days has been borrowing ideas from the late 90s and early 2000s in quite some numbers. 

A lot of people have been spending quite some time at home surfing the internet. They are either looking for something exciting, or something to divert their attention from their current situation. This is a reminder of the late 90s and early 2000s era of the web, when it was in its emerging stages.

So from which era are web trends taking cues from?

In visual terms, web trends are taking cues from the late 90s and early 2000s. It is because web designers are finding a lot of creativity beyond typical photograph-centric layouts that have become mainstay of today’s web design standards. 

Instead, the designs they are making today are finding creative ways of using grids, lines, typography along with simple and user-friendly navigation. Muted colors, complex textures and serif fonts brought rise of the updated styling. This helps prevent websites from feeling quite retro and be up to date. Creating a good web design will help engage and retain customers. While you can use an IVR system, website chatbots, or email to provide support, a good design is inevitable.

Now web design is also taking steps into the future. It is making use of worthwhile contemporary techniques, like advanced interactions, animations and visual effects. Glass Morphism and grain are effects which have grabbed a lot of attention recently. Moreover, web designers are using tools without code, so they can do their work quicker and in an easier manner than before.

Top web design trends out to make an impact this year

Here are some stunning and worthwhile trends of web design that are out to make some serious noise in 2022, something web designers must take notice of:

Memphis Design

This design is one of the defining aesthetics of the 1980s. It is at times perceived as a style that is flashy. The Memphis Design pairs together a wide array of chaotic shapes and patterns together.

Back in the day, the design was in opposition to minimalism. It also rejected the high tastes of art critics, making design more colorful simultaneously. It was also more adventurous and approachable than it had ever been.

Memphis Design


Such an attitude is quite true today when a minimalistic approach to web design led to a plethora of interfaces that unfortunately, are too square and look quite the same. They lack the differentiating factor that made them stand out at one time.

Hence, it is not a surprise that numerous professional web designers are looking towards Memphis design. This helps them bring out the colorful personality that no website visitor will ever forget.

The Typographical Hero Image

The hero image is the first part of a website visitors set their sights on. It must make a statement to compel visitors to stay on the website. Web designers are taking notice of this idea with zeal, hence they are bringing on board hero images led by robust typography.

Fundamentally, such hero sections either reduce the amount of images needed, or eliminate their need. This allows the message to carry the weight of the first impression to be made, as determined by experts from a web design company Dubai.

The Typographical Hero Image


Instead of coming in as a bare image, hero sections in this design style are bold in their simplicity. Not only do they command attention like something captivating but also provide a worthwhile showcase for styles that are creative and artistic.

The one-page website is rising

The one-page website is rising


The adage ‘less is more’ isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. Simplicity is also something that everyone craves. This can be held true in terms of websites as the most effective ones are the least complicated ones.

One-page websites are now becoming quite popular. They have overtaken menus and internal link navigation, for bringing forward simple navigation through scrolling.

In most instances, websites often point visitors to another source. One-page websites are different, they make designers rethink their design plan and recreate the structure completely. Such is done not just to put all content at the front and center, but to determine what should be vitally highlighted in the first place.

These websites work best when the subject matter is to the point (especially portfolio). It can also work as a nice bridge to get people where they are supposed to be going faster and nicely without the hassles of complex searches and distractions.

The rise of Abstract Illustrations

The rise of Abstract Illustrations


Web design has made use of illustrations for quite some time. Abstract illustrations are becoming popular these days. They offer designers the unique chance to mix and match various mediums for outcomes that are predictable in an interesting manner. 

Organic and natural textures add a natural look and feel whereas hand-drawn scribbles give a feeling of familiarity by mixing and matching a lot of possibilities. This kind of contrast is welcome in the digital landscape.

Gender Neutral Design

neutral web design type


Another thing making strides is Gender Neutral Design. Once thought of as a notion that was thoughtful, it is now becoming a standard. Making a baseline for universal accessibility for all visitors is something looking beyond assumptions made by people.

Pink is no longer just a feminine color, whereas flames, muscles and skulls no longer need to be put at the front and center to attract a male audience. Designers should hence avoid assumptions about their audience.

It is now increasingly common to offer multiple size options and gender neutrality these days, in both the website forms and drop down menus. eCommerce websites are becoming inclusive and include different kinds of modeled shots to make the products more accessible.

Rotating Animations

web design


One of the best web design ideas and inspirations these days is utilizing rotating animations. This leaves users curious for more because not only do they see something new but also something innovative, like a branded video each time a page is refreshed.

Surprises like this are truly fun, which provide users a unique experience on the website, even each time they visit it.

App like experience on a website? Yes, it is true

web design type

Experts believe in websites providing a sort of smaller screen experience which can be the future of web design. A site which is driven by front-end can provide something great from a design standpoint is a completely new way of using the web. This has never existed earlier because it provides a mobile app-like experience on a computer.

The world has gone mobile and providing such experiences where interaction, dynamic experiences and animation in a top-notch manner is the norm. The next step is bringing such energy to websites, leading to creation of more unique experiences there.

At times people imagine that they are headed back to times when websites were curious and self contained. New tools for creating sites, like no-code help make dynamic designs focused on interactions.


Some of these trends are indeed surprising, and they are the way forward into a new era. As the future in the current age moves fast, digital designers are hence paving the way. 

Regardless of whether they are bringing back a forgotten era, users getting delighted with animations and interactions or offering something customized, this year’s web design trends aim to stoke a sense of wonder regardless of how uncommon and unconventional they are.

Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan
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