Google Shopping 100: Your Guide to the Most Trending Products this Season

Google Shopping 100: Your Guide to the Most Trending Products this Season

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Google Shopping 100: Your Guide to the Most Trending Products this Season

“I love shopping. There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new. It is instant gratification, a quick fix.” – Rebecca Bloom – American Actress

Yes, shopping, whether online or in your favorite mall, is one activity we all love to perform. And during the summers and the holiday season, shopping is at its peak. That’s why we regularly search for several products we like to buy. Online shopping offers us lots of features as we can purchase things after comparing prices from top sellers, shop at our convenience 24/7 and save precious time.

To assist people in knowing what’s hot this season and what products are trending, Google has come up with Google Shopping 100, listing of top 100 product trends in a range of categories based on its search volume. Consumers in the US, in particular, and anyone looking for some kind of data will be treated with some great insights as to what was trending in Google over the past year.

What Google Shopping 100 is all About?

According to Google:

“Google Shopping 100 showcases products with a recent increase in U.S. searches. While classics are still sought-after – for example, search data still ranks Monopoly as a popular present – Google Shopping 100 highlights items that are rising in popularity to give you fresh ideas and keep you up to speed on the latest.”

What’s Trending in 2019?

While it is ironic that Google Home is the number one product in the tech category, there are some worthy products on the list, which can be the savior for any shopaholic. From the best-selling mobile games and gadgets to the toys children are crazy for, Google Shopping 100 has it all.

Take a look at the top products in all eight categories. You can see the complete list here.

  1. Tech

Google Home

  1. Kitchen Gear

Ninja Food Pressure Cooker

  1. Toys and Games

ZURU 5 Mini Capsule

  1. Accessories and Apparel

Columbia Ice Maiden Boots

  1. Gaming

Death Stranding PlayStation 4

  1. Sports and Fitness

Razor RipStik Caster Board

  1. Home Goods

Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum

  1. Personal Care

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cream

What’s the Benefit for Consumers?

Google Shopping 100 is all set to help us in making our shopping experience hassle-free. Anyone can find the best prices and places to buy as it is now easy to search online stores and compare prices. Another great feature that Google now offers is that you can now search for an item in case of a delayed shipment in a nearby store. All you have to do is to search on Google by clicking on the shopping tab to see if you can get the product from a store nearby.

What are the Benefits for Startups and Small Business?

The products which are listed here are the ones that have high searches on Google and are not necessarily the ones having the highest sales in their category. Small businesses can look at the trending products in a category and get an idea exactly why they are in such high demand. As there are eight categories in total, a large number of businesses now have the opportunity to make it big with their products.

Tapping into popular trends and based on listings, businesses can find new ways to develop new content options and help build awareness for their brand.

Over to you

Please tell us what is your view about Google Shopping 100, it’s future, and whether it will help consumers and businesses alike. You can offer us your valuable feedback or ask a question concerning this topic by using the comments section below.

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