Optimizing Google Shopping Feed for Your Ecommerce Business in Dubai

Optimizing Google Shopping Feed for Your Ecommerce Business in Dubai

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Optimizing Google Shopping Feed for Your Ecommerce Business in Dubai

In this technological era, online shopping has made it easier to launch your ecommerce business and generate more revenue and sales. In fact, ecommerce business owners can make the most of digital advancements to attract consumers and capture more leads and sales. If you are running an ecommerce business in Dubai and looking for some effective ways to attract potential customers your online store and drive sales, incorporate Google Shopping into your marketing strategy.

Google Shopping is the most powerful way for advertisers and business owners to reach new and more customers, generate more sales and increase business growth. It allows users to browse and compare the price of products that marketers have paid to advertise. These shopping ads also known as Product Listing Ads can appear at the top of SERP and capture the attention of shoppers. These ads can increase the chances of getting more website traffic, high-qualified leads and more conversions.

If you are running a Google Shopping campaign for your ecommerce business in Dubai, here are some awesome tips and tricks to optimize your Google Shopping feed and get better results.

How Google Shopping Works?

Keep in mind that Google Shopping campaigns are based on entirely different criteria than that of search campaigns. Search advertisers can determine which search query triggers their ads, whereas, shopping advertisers can’t be able to predict which search query will display their shopping ads. Google crawls your website to check which product is more relevant as per the given search query. Your ad is solely dependent on the quality of your Google Shopping feed. When it comes to optimizing your Google Shopping feed, it is advised to provide each and every attribute of your product and helpful information which is relevant to the search queries.

Marketers can create shopping feed manually in Google Sheets; however, if you are selling thousands of products, it is advised to use GoDataFeed that crawls your website and auto-generate the feed in a Google-friendly manner.

Optimizing Your Google Shopping Feed

Getting your Google Shopping ads to the point where they can make money is an intricate task for advertisers. Knowing how to optimize your feed right is the key to get better results. Optimizing your Google Shopping feed right will ensure that your products will be displayed when your prospective buyers search for them.

Your product feed is basically a spreadsheet you need to provide Google that has all the important information related to your products. Your product feed needs to be accurate and created as per the specifications and standards of Google. Missing any data or ignoring Google’s guideline will make it difficult for your products to get approved.

You need to mention product title, description, link, brand name, image link, SKU and price in the sheet. Describing your products in detail will strengthen the relevance of your ads. Otherwise, Google won’t match your ads with search queries.

Product Title

A product title will appear at the top of the shopping ad, make sure it contains a target keyword because Google will give more importance to your title to generate relevant results. There is no need for keyword stuffing, by providing the relevant information such as color, size, price model and other attributes, you can increase the relevancy and accuracy of your shopping ad.

Product Image

Images play an integral role when it comes to making a purchase decision. Make sure to use professional and high-quality images, as no one will bother to click on a shopping ad that has a terrible image. Images can have the real potential to attract more and more customers while creating a positive impression of your brand. If you want people to purchase products from your brand, focus on creating professional images.


It is the most important part of your shopping feed that Google takes into account when generating the shopping search results. To make your product more accurate and relevant for the shopping ad, be specific to your product category. To make your product eligible for advertisement, choose a category from Google Product Taxonomy/GPT.

Choose the Product Type

Choosing a more accurate product type can increase the relevancy of your ad. In fact, it is your chance to define your product better and present it to a more relevant audience.

Product Description

Product description will display below the product title. Make sure it contains all the relevant keywords and specific information that truly explains your product attributes. You can use second-tier keywords in the product description to increase its accuracy.

Other Information

You should provide product price, color, size, gender, age group, condition, availability, and other important attributes to increase the quality of your shopping feed.

There are many ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify that have plugins and extensions that makes it a bit easier for advertisers to create the shopping feed. If you are running your online store on any other platform, you have to upload the file to Google Merchant Center. Using a Google Sheet will automatically sync the data with Google Merchant Center.

Turn Prospects into Buyers

It is the right time to invest in Google Shopping ads as Google is giving prime real estate to product listing ads and showing them to users looking for your products. So, invest your time, money and efforts in optimizing your Google Shopping feed by providing all the relevant information about your products to Google Merchant Center. All in all, optimizing your Google Shopping feed will increase your chances of getting your products in front of online shoppers. It will eventually help your ecommerce business in Dubai to win more leads and sales.