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Hard Truths About Users that Impacts UX

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Hard Truths About Users that Impacts UX

Human psychology is the key component of a good website design. by understanding basic human behaviors, professional website designers can comprehend user behaviors thus making sure a better graphic design result that is liked by both the business owner and the target audience as well.

Here are few points that impact your user that you must look out for.

Your user is smarter than you think

Your customers don’t care about your system. What matters to them is their experience that they will get from your website design. one good example of your customers’ being smarter than you is the fact that at times they go about learning only the part that concerns them within ant technology suite and pretty much gets out of it successfully. To make the appropriate impression on your target market, be very proactive while researching about prospects and features as your target customers are smarter than you.

They have other things to do

The goal of most users in NOT to stays on a website. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that they are always on a quest to find a reason to abandon your website. In most cases, you should focus on how to make your site or app the least time-intensive. The most convenient. The most worth using because it helps users move on with their lives rather than attempt to take them over.

Their ‘do mode’ is active

You know when everyone says that your users were not ready to read, the idea is that they are there to do. In fact, that’s a common human behavior. We go on a website/mobile app to get done any task and we do not intend to read piles for it.

The ‘do-mode’ has a massive benefit. It helps your users ignore the distractions and keeps them from getting away since they are looking for something, it is always imperative you help them find it. It is not a bad thing either. Business does engage in activities to instantly satisfy their users’ demand. To talk it out aloud, they are at you for a reason, fulfill that.

They satisfice

Most of the time, people need only enough to get by. So, they learn only that much. They might even learn to do something the wrong way. It doesn’t matter if they can still get what they need.
This is called satisficing. It’s a term promoted by Steve Krug in his seminal book on web usability Don’t Make Me Think.

Satisficing is just what it sounds like (a portmanteau of the words “satisfy” and “sacrifice”). And this, too, is a survival skill. There are not enough hours in the day, or in life, to become masters of all we touch.
Most things, we just need to learn enough to get by.

They rely on patterns

Patterns help people learn how to work with a new app or site, how it might be set up, and how long it might take. Buy a product on one department store website, and you know how most of the others work. The experiences are similar, if not nearly identical, on most eCommerce sites because the pattern works well for the use case and because it helps people form expectations. The ability to spot and use patterns also sets the stage for the elements in a design that stand out. The important elements, like buttons that tell you how to sign up, or send, or save, or publish. In a tremendous number of cases, the buttons that trigger these actions are displayed in a different color or shape (or both) compared with all the others. When we can see patterns, we see what breaks those patterns.

Final word

There could not be a set list of factors that any website design agency in Dubai must look for while creating website designs for their clients. What matters the most is the industry acumen and deep sense of graphic designing that is engulfed in the hands of the design team at any given agency. Such professional web services not only do a thorough research of the client’s business industry prior kick starting the design process but also keep a well though plan in front to create a phenomenal user experience from the newly crafted design. to get a viable user experience from your website design, make sure to get it done from a professional service like that of Dubai Monsters.

Talha Manzoor
Talha Manzoor
Talha Manzoor holds vital experience in launching online brands and maintaining their profound presence both through positive publicity and paid advertising. Currently he is associated with Dubai Monsters - a renowned web design agency in Dubai. He loves to write about latest in technology and occasionally writes about nature. He has a fun and frolic personality and does animal welfare as voluntary work. He tweets at @Talhamanzoor24.