Saeed Al Gergawi Spoke About How Gen AI is Shaping the Digital Economy of Dubai in 2024

Saeed Al Gergawi Spoke About How Gen AI is Shaping the Digital Economy of Dubai in 2024

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Saeed Al Gergawi Spoke About How Gen AI is Shaping the Digital Economy of Dubai in 2024

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy has recently hosted the annual meeting of the chamber’s Board of directors and Advisory Council members. Saeed Al Gergawi, Vice President of Dubai Chamber Digital Economy emphasized on leveraging AI technology and explained why AI is essential for businesses to stay competitive in this digital world.

Saeed AI Gergawi was recently appointed as Vice President, helping the digital chamber towards achieving its goals, and building the best digital infrastructure in the UAE. The chamber is committed to strengthen the digital economy and boost the confidence among startups and small businesses by offering comprehensive support and creating better opportunities.

Dubai Chamber is famous for launching initiatives and programs to take the emirate’s position as the global capital of the digital economy. The chamber’s goal is to support the growth and development of companies working in the digital industries.

AI Gergawi was previously the Director of Dubai Future Academy, and he led different mega projects for the academy, including Global Coders Initiative, the 1 million Arab Coders project, and the foundation’s upskilling program – to name a few.

AI Gergawi has also performed different other roles such as Mission Strategist for the Emirates Mars Mission and Program Director for the Mars 2117 Programme at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center.

At an annual meeting, AI Gergawi shares the future plans of the Digital Economy and what the digital industry is expecting in 2024.

He said “We seek to strengthen communication and partnerships to define the digital economy growth agenda for 2024 and share ideas transparently. This will help us to overcome any challenges and benefit from opportunities to further enhance Dubai’s digital economy and contribute to the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33).”

How can Companies Benefit from AI and Shaping a Brighter Future?

Artificial Intelligence has been central to the success and long-term survival of businesses in the intensely competitive world of today.  Saeed Al Gergawi of Dubai Chamber Digital Economy defines AI as an essential component that can greatly improve operational efficiency, productivity, and innovation through its many positive aspects in organizations.

Here are some key reasons why embracing AI is crucial for companies:

Increased Efficiency

AI systems could do all of the repetitive tasks, ensuring a methodical operations flow and also optimizing resource usage, thus giving a higher efficiency and lessen the costs.

Insightful Decision-making

AI-empowered analysis enables companies to get meaningful findings from a large array of data in order to increase the quality of the data-based decision-making while giving strategic planning a boost.


AI systems are able to process user behavior and choices and then provide customized experiences, products, and services which will make customers feel good about the brand. It will lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Innovative Solutions

AI increases innovation with its utility in the design of new products, services, and business models. For example, by using AI, web design companies are able to create a wide range of specialized digital solutions for nearly every industry. It no longer restricts organizations to the development of innovations but rather enables them to discover creative solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

Competitive Edge

Companies with an understanding of artificial intelligence in advance can stay updated in the race and can adapt to market changes much more quickly than their competitors – no matter if their competitors offer higher quality products or services than them.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

AI designed chatbots, virtual assistance and personalized recommendations encourage customers to come back to your company again and again, increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Risk Management

AI applications have the ability of analyzing large amounts of data in real-time and can identify potential risks as well as opportunities. As a result, companies will be able to take more meaningful measures by reducing risks and taking advantage of the best opportunities.

Operational Optimization

AI can conduct predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and resource planning, allowing companies to perform operations at optimum efficiency and profitability.

By embracing AI today, companies will be able to unlock a plethora of opportunities for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage, which effectively drives market growth and business development. 

Moreover, businesses that lag behind the AI utilization risk falling behind their competitors and missing out on the benefits of this transformative technology. Thus, it becomes imperative for the organizations to consider and implement AI within their business strategies in order to stay in business and ahead of the competition.

How AI Innovations are Shaping Dubai’s Future?  

Dubai, a city with a strong economy is famous for its forward-thinking approach and welcoming new and better opportunities for substantial growth and development. Dubai has now become the world’s top center for innovation and technology. The disruptive abilities of new technologies such as AI and digitalization can help Dubai to shape Dubai’s future in various ways. This effect of the new modern technologies will cause Dubai city to be the center not only for advanced techs but also for digital transformation.

From fueling economic growth to enhancing productivity, building smart cities and infrastructure and enhancing Dubai’s global competitiveness in the digital economy, AI and digitization hold the promise of driving Dubai’s future growth, prosperity, and sustainability. Embracing emerging technologies like AI and digitization can attract tech startups, entrepreneurs, and research institutions to the city, helping in the formation of a network of innovation and collaboration.

AI innovations in Dubai are unlocking data-driven decision-making, and competitive advantages, propelling businesses to new heights in the global market. The city’s leaders are­ skillfully incorporating AI for businesses and into its diverse landscape, e­mbracing its transformative power.

What’s the Role of Generative AI into the Digital Marketing Landscape in UAE?

Generative AI holds a significant importance in the UAE, providing incomparable opportunities to transform diverse sectors and reshape various aspects of business dynamics. In Dubai, generative stands at the forefront of technological evolution, allowing businesses to gain a competitive edge, drive growth, and adapt to the rapidly evolving digital economy.

By leveraging gen AI, businesses can unlock diverse opportunities for reshaping business dynamics. The potential applications of generative AI include innovation, creativity, content creation, product development, customization, and data-driven decision-making.  

By embracing generative AI technologies, Dubai can continue to position itself as a leading hub for technology, innovation, and sustainable development in the region and beyond. Generative AI plays a crucial role in fostering innovation by enabling businesses and research institutions to explore new ideas, designs, and solutions across various sectors.

Embracing Innovative Technologies for Digital Startup Ecosystem

Dubai’s startup ecosystem is all set to boom in 2024 and beyond. It is the right time for startups to adopt emerging innovative technologies and embrace the transformative potential of AI. As Dubai has positioned itself as a global hub for innovation and technology, leveraging AI today has become crucial for the digital industry to stay competitive and enhance efficiency, creativity and value creation.

We can expect to see a surge in entrepreneurship, more and more startups will be entering the Dubai market, eager to redefine traditional business models and industry standards. With gen AI, startups in diverse industries can be able to drive innovation, create better opportunities for growth and expansion. Furthermore, startups can better scale their operations in the increasingly competitive digital landscape with the power of technology, creativity and collaboration.