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How Storytelling Adds Life to UX: Case Studies

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How Storytelling Adds Life to UX: Case Studies

In the marketing and branding industry, storytelling is quite the buzz word these days. It is quite a powerful way of connecting with the users as it becomes a primal form of communication that is both interactive and creative.

Regardless of its hype and importance, it is seldom found in the web designer’s arsenal. Not all the brands realize the importance of unearthing their core stories that endear new fans and motivate other stakeholders as well. And sometimes, even if they do, they do it inaccurately by cramming the website design with a story in plain text – not so creative after all.

Today we are going to share with you a few case studies. These websites state in the most effective manner how storytelling can entice the user experience and make the overall website even more interactive.

Inception Explained

So we all know that Inception is a great movie but it could be a bit confusing to digest. To give you a clear idea in the movie storyline, Inception Explained was created. The site is an amazing example of storytelling and is nothing like a regular movie website. Scroll down the page to read about the layers of dreams in a simplistic manner, with captions popping up as each level is explained very briefly. This site is such a perfect example of storytelling because it walks you through the plot in a comprehensive manner that is also interactive.

Takeaway: Even though the site belongs to that of a movie with a lengthy running time, it is not crammed with text, videos or other confusing graphics and instead follows storytelling in a simple manner that looks attractive as well. The most content you stuff your website with, the more boring or confusing it becomes.

Bellroy Wallets

So that was a movie and it may actually seem easier to transform a movie into a storytelling website but this particular product has nailed it, even though it didn’t initially come with a story or a climax. Bellroy wallets are designed to consume less space even if it is stuffed with the same amount of cards and cash as other wallets. The website showcases a comparison side by side in a compelling way that invites interactivity given the innovative animations.

Takeaway: A storytelling website can also simply provide a very short-lived story, like Bellroy wallets, tagged with competitors’ analysis in a way that requires visitor involvement.

Ben The Bodyguard

Ben The Bodyguard is an app for iOS which allows for encryption of data and protection of private information for your iPhone. The website created for this app is insanely creative. It revolves around a character named Ben, who is a bodyguard with an unbeatable track record as he goes around protecting people. Scroll down the page to see Ben making his way through a dark street, explaining how he keeps your private information from falling to wrong hands.

Takeaway: An ultimate example of how a mere security mobile application is creative enough to actually personify it as a bodyguard. So think of a character centered around the idea of your mobile app, add a compelling story to it with interactive scrolling to deliver the best pitch ever!

The substance behind the hype and the power of storytelling is just too solid to be ignored. Those who understand its significance have pulled it off with utmost perfection. Take the initiative to transform your website into a compelling storytelling website to add life to your overall UX.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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