How to Adopt a Trending Logo Design for an Infinite Look - A Netflix Case Study

How to Adopt a Trending Logo Design for an Infinite Look – A Netflix Case Study

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How to Adopt a Trending Logo Design for an Infinite Look – A Netflix Case Study

Netflix recently adopted a new logo design that is trendy, edgy and is really a red ribbon on black background. It came as yet another surprise to the users after their old logo was revamped back in 2014.


The new logo unveiled first on their social media feeds. What needs to be understood first-hand is that the new logo, the red ribbon on a black background, is rather an app icon that will be utilized for product integrations in times to come. It is built with rather a single red ribbon that is folded over itself, dropping shadows and is also popping from page in 3D as it features a round bottom to create relevance to the main logo – very creative!

As much as we all love Netflix, there has been an air of criticism about it. Some found it cold and a waste of money while others commented that it is no better than the old Netflix logo and is certainly not inviting. Regardless of all of that, think about it this way that it gives out a feeling of a movie theater with a red ribbon placed in the dark and is nowhere near cold. It might as well also be representing a red carpet or perhaps be Netflix’s stream that bounces from their servers straight to your home. It may be one of these things but it might as well be all these at once but it concludes one thing for sure that Netflix gave it a good thought before it went on changing the look.

Imagine cramming the 7 letters on their social media networks and squeezing them into a tiny icon of the iOS and Android apps. That was what Netflix did before the introduction of the solitary “N”. The new design is now more relevant and competes better with the rest of the apps on your mobile, giving an overall cleaner look.

While there are so many brands that are on to changing their logos this year, including Instagram, so Netflix decided to drop the “etflix” for a fresh new look with just “N” for its app icons. Bear in mind that the current logo, that is red-on-white, isn’t going anywhere. The app icon is rather a little flair that has been added to aid the current logo and is rather a lesson that needs to be learned by other brands as well.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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