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How to Become Filthy Rich in Dubai?

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How to Become Filthy Rich in Dubai?


“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, But if you die poor it’s your mistake.” ~Bill Gates

Dubai is a fun and frivolous playground on the Persian Gulf, but don’t consider it the Vegas of the Middle East. But of course,you can actually become wealthy in any country on the planet. Just depends on what idea you come up with. And if strikes right you will turn wealthy in a blink of an eye.

Dubai famous by the name ‘City of Gold’. Just take a walk across Souk in Deira and you will exactly know why Dubai is called ‘the City of Gold’. The first and the oldest gold market where there are more than 300 jewelry retailers. It is said that the market holds approximately 10 tons of gold at any given point. Plus, there’s enough outside the Gold Souk to justify the title!

Well, of course, you cannot earn all that gold but the good news is that we can set you on your path to success. If you really want to succeed and get rich there are some norms in Dubai that can help you achieve richness.

Teach a New Language

Do you know more than one language? If yes, you are lucky. If not, learn one. My friend from Egypt can speak upto 4 languages which include Arabic, English, Italian and Japanese. I suggested him to start teaching one language. And now he is teaching all 4. ‘Not only do I make some income, but I’m especially interested in teaching Arabic to English, Italian and Japanese people as it’s a good language exchange.’ Of course, you will meet people from all cultures and you will build a network of a variety of people. Spinneys noticeboards are quite popular when putting language advertisements, do try them.

Sell Custom Clothes

A rip here and a rip there, you have your custom cloth ready to sell. By accident, you can create some beautiful masterpieces. Customized clothes are one way to make some serious money. The good thing about custom clothing is that you can charge whatever you feel like and people with passion will gladly give whatever you ask. You even don’t have to put that many resources in the start. Just start from your home and start making money. ‘Don’t throw clothes away. Find a seamstress, change the length, buy some ribbons. A few changes could give a whole new look to those old pieces.

Bake a Cake and Sell from Home

Next hottest thing in Dubai is selling cakes from home. Many females, and now even the males are selling custom cakes. If you have some interest in baking, just YouTube some channels and learn some exciting recipes. The good thing about baking is that you can add your personal flavor in it. The way you like it. You can start from your kitchen and start expanding as you grow. A friend of mine started from home. Just one Instagram account. Now she has 5 employees and above 8,000 Instagram followers. The only thing you need is persistence.

Be Creative and Sell Some Crafts

If you’ve got a talent for basket-weaving, knitting or any other such skill, get in touch with ARTE Souks. A resource that will surely help you in selling your crafts online. You just have to be creative. And people will love to pay you whatever you ask for.

Sell your Photos

Do you love taking shots? Well here is your chance to enhance your photography skills and earn something from it. There are websites like iStock and Shutterstock that will pay you for your pictures. Go out there in the city and click some photos. Send those photos to the above websites and they will pay some percentage of their profit. This is no doubt one of the most creative ways to earn. But again this takes practice and persistence. If you don’t practice your craft how can you take that perfect shot? Before going out there make sure you polish your skills well.

Design and Develop Websites

My friend is a computer graduate. He started a web design dubai based agency with a one man army. Now he is operating his software house in 3 countries all across the globe. You can also start small and go big. But the first step is to start. If you are computer engineer you can polish your skills a bit before starting out on the big scale. Try taking some freelance projects and make your profile in From here you can start taking projects and start full-time work.

Start a Blog and Start Earning

ProBlogger started with one blog in a week. Now he is blogging every hour and earning some heavy bucks from it. You can start with your personal blog. Start with something you love and something you know better than others. Start talking about it. Give tips. Take feedback. And build a reputation of knowing it all on the subject.

There are some of the ways by which you can start earning from home. You can find your own ways too. Figure out your sideline hobbies and start with them. You can easily start work with something you love to do and people will love to pay you whatever you ask them. But make sure you give your best when doing some work. Sincerity has its own rewards. Make sure you earn them all.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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