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How to Build Customer Loyalty Via UX Design

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September 1, 2016
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How to Build Customer Loyalty Via UX Design

The digital landscape today has transformed to be an intertwined set of technological advancement that continues to amaze us. The world of web, for instance, has changed to the extent that what websites looked like a year or two ago, now seemed to be outdated.

Businesses set a different tone with a customer-first approach that reflects that they value their customers before anything. This has led to new levels of customer loyalty that were never present before.

Given that a business website is the first digital face of any company/brand, it needs to be appropriate and set the right perception for the customers. How would you do that for your website? By ensuring that your understanding of user experience is thorough and you are impeccable at handling customer information.

Today’s customers have a lot many demands which if not fulfilled can cause them to move away from your brand. Keeping them is tough but if you start from the beginning, it shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s how you begin and go further step by step in building customer trust and eventually making them a loyal customer:

Understanding the values

Building customer trust means to understand what the customer values, what their needs are and how we, as a business, look forward to fulfilling those needs. Once we have a clear understanding of those values, only then can we state how we plan to cater to them.


First things first, when writing a product description, ensure that you don’t exaggerate its features. You are there as a solution provider for them and not to hustle them. That is the true test of your honesty and integrity that your product should state what it does as its solving a problem. Provide a clear guidance and walkthroughs to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

User protection and transparency

The security of digital data is of utmost importance to the user. There’s sensitive information that they give out online in the event of completing various transactions online – emails, credit cards – and a breach in that sensitive data is the number one concern. Inform them of the protective measures and methods that you are using in keeping their information safe and sound.

Terms of service

Your terms of service should state information on sensitive data clearly and should seldom be subject to change to save yourself from any doubts. Also ensure that there will be no breach in the information that the users are providing to you. That will give you a plus one for ensuring security measures loud and clear.

Flaunting a meaningful design

It is neither the beauty, nor stating your own business values, that persuades the customers to keep coming back to you. A good design that is aligned with the values mentioned above and creates a meaningful user experience is the one that is a real winner. So how can you actually design a website that does all that? Take a look at these steps here:

Minimal navigation

A clean navigation is always easy to get a grasp of. There aren’t too many dropdowns to get lost into and they aren’t all over the page. This makes for a professional and crisp look that everybody enjoys using. Such is the look that is also user-friendly for users find it super easy to instantly become familiar with.

Self-explanatory headline

Give your homepage a headline that is vague and you have lost the edge to your competitor. This goes especially for the businesses that have complex products or services. If a customer has to go all the way to your ‘About Us’ page to understand what you are all about, your homepage isn’t serving the right purpose. Tell the audience in a single-liner what you are all about and let your ‘About Us’ simply be an extension to that only.

Good search function

An accessible search function is the top priority these days because customers today have very little time to spend on one thing. If they are to look for something, they will head to the search box but if that search box is not providing useful information than it is an absolute failure. Make sure your search box is performing the right function.

Bonus tip: Communication

Keep your copy short and lucid to help the customer better understand the information you have displayed. Also take help from videos and pictures to explain things visually. But no matter what you do, just set the right tone, include FAQs (frequently asked questions) and even a live chat box so that the customers can reach out to you instantly.

Gaining customer trust is the first step towards building customer loyalty, a meaningful design that is a perfect blend of user-friendly attributes and efficient in functionality, and the right tone are the only three aspects that you need to fix. Get to work in order to get a grip on that customer loyalty today.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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