How to Create Business Flyer Designs That Get More Leads? -

How to Create Business Flyer Designs That Get More Leads?

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Have you ever wondered why do businesses create flyers? They want new customers, right but there are many other ways to acquire new customers but why business flyers? There are many reasons why a business flyer should be your choice for attracting new customers. It is affordable, high impact, eye catching, tangible and gives a personalized touch to your message. This leaves us with important question how to create business flyer design that could convert your prospects into paying customers.

1. Create Desire

It all starts with an idea, right. When you are looking for business flyer design inspiration or business flyer design idea, you should keep customer first. Many businesses make the mistake of talking about their business, products and service in their business flyer design without realizing that the customer don’t care about your business, products and services. They only care about the benefits they will get by purchasing your product therefore, your business flyer should focus on the benefits instead of the business, products or services. Your business flyer should create a desire, convinces the prospects to spend money on your products because it provides them much greater value in return for the money they spend.

2. Use Grids

One of the most common problem businesses faces when designing business flyer is lack of space. They want to put as much information as they can but due to limited space, they fail to do so. You can easily solve this problem by using grid layout. By using grids in your business flyers, you can easily make the best use of available space and put as much content as you want without looking cluttered. Instead of opting for same sized columns, it is better to divide your business flyers into several sections of multiple sizes.

3. Put Function Ahead of Form

Once you have found a business flyer design idea or business flyer design inspiration, it is time to put it to create the design for your business flyer. Do you want to create an art masterpiece than you should ditch the idea immediately because most people will not look at your business flyer this way. Your business flyer should be so eye catching that it gets picked by anyone who had a glance at it. More importantly, it should persuade the prospect to read the complete flyer before putting it down.

4. Make it More Approachable and Humane

Have you ever seen a brochure or flyer with a serious, sad or grumpy face? I can bet you have not. Have you ever seen a business flyer with a smiling human face on it? Most probably, yes. Did you know why? We all love a smiling face, right. As a business, you want to present a smiling face to a prospect that is connecting with your business for the first time. Make sure the smiling face looks more humane and real instead of looking like a forced smile or corny looks. More importantly, the smiling face should compliment your flyer and should not look odd or out of place. This tells the prospects that you are approachable and friendly towards customers.

5. Deliver an Attractive Offer

Customer attraction towards a limited time offer is same as honeybee attraction towards honey. A limited time discount can bring swarm of new customers and create a sense of urgency, which persuade them to make purchases immediately, which can go in favor of the business. When giving an offer, always remember that it is not you, who decides whether the offer is worthy or not, it is the customer. Always give an offer that customer perceives as valuable. Decide a separate space for the offer on business flyer and make sure that offer is prominent enough for everyone to see. Create the hype about the offer and promote it through different channels to create a buzz.

6. Add a Response Panel

Last but certainly not the least is to add a response panel to your business flyer. This will help you to collect important information about your business prospects. You can also add a column for friend or family member and ask the prospects to give the details in return for a bigger discount. Make sure that the response panel can be easily separated from the business flyer so that the prospects can return the response panel after filling it and keeps the flyer that contains all the information. This will help you to contact not only the prospects but also their family members or friends.

If you know, any other way to create business flyers that could act as a lead magnet and convert those leads into paying customers then, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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