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How to Design Logos for Responsive Websites

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How to Design Logos for Responsive Websites

The present day logo has many challenges to face. A logo in the past only had to make its way to the headlines in the newspaper adverts or as a shop sign. With a growing plethora of devices today, the modern logo has to work harder than ever given the varying screen sizes, resolutions and responsive websites.

Considering the need that has been created today, two of the important traits of logo now includes flexibility and simplicity. All of this to ensure that they are doing well in the responsive web space, in the varying formats so that when a website is optimized to fit to a particular device, the brand also adapts to it.

If you are about to get a logo designed for your business, then this is what you need to take into account:

Simplicity over complexity

Human brain is more inclined towards reading simple forms over complex ones. When designing a logo, this is the basic element that can make or break your logo. Take a look at any of the successful brands and majority will have a simple logo that is easily memorable. See a ‘Swoosh’? Yep, that’s Nike. What about an apple with a bite? Apple Computers, you got that right. How about a white ‘f’ with a blue background? That’s Facebook for sure.



Take a look and compare the two logos. Making branding mistakes like Apple did in the beginning is a common recurrence for various startups. So one thing is for sure, the simpler it is, easier it will be to create a brand recall for the customers. Given the limited budget, it’s hard to come up with great ideas. But if you know how important it is to keep things simple, life would be a lot easier and branding even more easier to come by.


Responsive websites are the way to go today. Given the number of devices and various screen sizes that your website needs to fit to, it is almost a basic necessity to get your website equipped with. But what about the logo? Well, the logo has to follow the lead and be as flexible as it can get since all the industries are going responsive anyway.

skype-logo           skype-logo-small

Looking at the Skype logo, it is quite easier to identify how you can get your logo to fit to all screen sizes even if it’s a lengthy one. Regardless of that, even if you minimize the actual Skype logo, it’s not that bad actually. The design is clean and versatile which gives it a win over a complex arrangement. Even if you do have somewhat complex a logo, the real inability to scale cleanly in the context of a responsive website becomes quite apparent.

So the next time you are to consider a solution for your brand, you need to look deeply into the logo design as well and how it will react to responsive web design situation. Keep it simple, flexible, clean, and memorable, and you’ll have a winner.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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