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How to Get more Sales with Fewer Customers in an Ecommerce Business

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How to Get more Sales with Fewer Customers in an Ecommerce Business

Managing an ecommerce business today is a real challenge. With more and more people entering into the business, the competition is becoming tougher. In times like these, how would you ever make your ecommerce business stand out?

Well, one trick is to getting the most sales out of fewer customers. So what you are about to learn ahead is all about sales, how to hit more even when you have a small number of customers, how you can have them to keep coming back for more and various other ways of engaging with those potential customers as well as expanding the overall customer base as well.

Building Customer Trust

When the talk is of winning customers and getting the most out of them, perhaps the first and foremost task is to build trust. Because no trust = no sales = zero success. If a customer doesn’t trust you, he/she won’t buy from you. So when a customer stumbles upon your website for the first time, ensure that you have all those elements in place that strike credibility to the customer. This is where it all begins.

Put a Face to Your Brand

When people buy your brand, they buy from you. This is in connection to the point just mentioned above. If you show yourself or your company that is backing it all up, it will give you plus points for credibility. Write an inspiring story on the About Us page, add faces to founders and team members, include videos flaunting your team at work or reasons why visitors should be buying from you. However, over promoting is not the idea here. Keep it simple and dedicated to what you do, the customer will eventually fall in love with the efforts and click ‘Buy’.

Let them Contact You

Yet another factor that adds to a greater customer trust and credibility is customer support. The best solution may be up to your preferences. Some businesses provide 24/7 support on call while others have live chat enabled which is very much visible on each page. All the customer ever has to do is click and ask any queries. This is also backed up by a research that 63% of online consumers were likely to return to an ecommerce website that had live chat enabled. An additional tip here is to back your customer support 24/7 if you are dealing in international markets and local work hours for a local ecommerce store.

Relevant Information First

A study shows that over 50% of potential customer abandon their carts without paying as they are presented with hidden charges, which may or may not include delivery price most of the times. This means that any relevant information that is directly related to the product will lose you customers. So make the relevant information visible wherever your customers have ease in locating, especially on the product page. Also, keep your FAQs page updated with similar information for that is where the visitors head to first when they need answers.

Use High Quality Images

It is rather a part of the overall web design and development too, using high quality and people oriented images so that your website gives out a human feel to the customers. For your products, showcase them from different angles with high quality intact, including people, for people sell better than just the products. Don’t forget to include detailed photos of the products.

Reviews and Customer Photos Sell Better

Today, 2/3 of the customers read customer reviews prior to making a purchase. So always display reviews from a credible 3rd party to ensure your reviews aren’t fake or censored. Also, if customers are posting photos while they use your products, thank them and put them up on your website so that the new customers know your customer-base is real.


Retargeting is quite a powerful technique that is utilized in showing ads to people who have visited your site or are looking for similar products. You can set Retargeting campaigns on various advertising platforms, including social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So use these powerful tips to win back customers and get the most sales with fewer customers. Remember, trust is where it all begins so develop that and you’re good to go. Also, while you are at it, it may also earn you several more new customers.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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