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How to Get the Most Out of Hero Shots

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August 25, 2016
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August 29, 2016
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How to Get the Most Out of Hero Shots

Someone’s face is the first thing that we look at and perhaps remember so well. Whether it’s an angelic face or a little mustard around the mouth, we remember faces.

When it comes to landing pages, hero shot is the representative of the face of your website. Headline then acts as the dreamy eyes to complete the final look of the face. This means that a hero shot has to make a lasting impression in order to be remembered. Or perhaps it is used these days for the sake of easy recall only? Better get that right.

Dominating a larger, or all, of your above the fold experience, it acts as an emotional trigger. While hero shot is a good idea, it may or may not work for every brand or company. However, if you are to apply it for your website, here’s how you can get the most out of it.

Smiling faces

This has to be the most common of the hero shots – nothing beats a delighted person enjoying the privilege of a service you provide or a product that you offer. It is counted as the most effective of all because we are humans and we automatically feel connected when we see happy people. However, it can all be ruined if clichéd stock photography is utilized. Be unique and hire professional photographers for that impact.



Add a precise diagram or a chart that describes the “How it works” of a product and you have utilized the space for a hero shot productively. Break it into a series of continued image, more like visual steps, or present a few features of your offerings. Tutorials or step-by-step are always appreciated by customers especially if it’s a complex product/service. It helps in giving a better understanding in the very first glimpse. The precise process description can help you achieve the same benefits as that of tutorials.

Product shot

A digital mockup of your finished product can also be placed as a hero shot. It works the best when you own an ecommerce store and are selling a particular product. If you have an amalgam of various products at your online store, then perhaps you can place a featured item and have it replaced on monthly basis. Placing new arrivals is also a great idea to grab the attention of audience. Another tip in this regard is to ensure that the prototype that you have placed is not a simulation or a sketch. You need to establish trust; hence an HD image of the actual product will do the trick.


Embedded Video

Often called the “King of hero shots”, a video showcase of any of the above three could be massively effective. But with this comes limitations as well. Only the appropriate use of videos can produce effective results. Irrelevant and distracting videos may hurt the cause more than it can help with conversions.

Bonus Tip

Remember that a great hero shot is incomplete without a catchy headline – both go hand in hand. About that catchy headline, know that it is also your call-to-action so get creative with it and come up with something that helps the user to connect with the product/service. Give it a humane touch and you’re good to go.

Final Word

With great hero shots comes a great bundle of joy in the form of blasting conversion volume. So test hero shots on your website by applying the lessons discussed in this post to see which ones works in your favor. Either decide for yourself or let a top web design agency help you in the matter.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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