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How to Get the Most out of Mascots in Branding?

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How to Get the Most out of Mascots in Branding?

Mascots are effective branding elements helping the audience better remember your brand for long. By personifying your brand through a recognizable entity (based on animal, object, or people), they can really help your potential clients to easily identify and remember your services and products.

In this highly competitive corporate market, mascots are considered as effective corporate branding tools that act like a bespoke character that can powerfully endorse your brand on a personal level. I truth to be told, a mascot endorsement is more efficient, powerful and less expensive compared with any celebrity endorsement. If you carefully think about mascots for a moment, you will find out that we are surrounded by mascots. From colleges to universities, to eCommerce stores to professional web design companies, the majority of brands are using these effective corporate branding tools for the symbol of loyalty and reliability.

If you are thinking about promoting your mascot as a part of your corporate branding strategy, you can take the examples of some big brands. It costs nothing to market this inexpensive and effective branding component.

Incorporate Your Company Mascot into Your Overall Website

Mascots has the power to work along with other major branding elements such as logo design, brochures, flyers, taglines, CTAs and more. For instance, you can use the mascot on your overall website. You can use it on your slogan, video instructions, service packages, chat options and even on contact detail and social media profiles.

Incredibly, having a company mascot promotes you to get more creative inspiring ways to integrate the character into your marketing and branding strategy. Incorporating a company mascot into the overall website design concept is not an expensive approach at all. You can use Fiverr in this regard. Buying a few dollars gig will allow you to animate the character, and feature the company mascot in videos and banners.

Digital Mascots – A Part of Your Marketing Strategy

It is advised to carefully align your company character with all your branding goals while making it a vital part of website success. For example, the brand character present on your company social media channels, in the FAQ section, explainer video, and in site-packages can attract visitors. By using this tactic, visitors get familiar with the brand character and it makes them feel safe and confident to buy your services.

Create Social Media Channels for Your Company Mascot

Today, mascots are now considered as the brand’s best social media accessories. Some brands are maintaining a separate profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and building new fans and audience. This way, they are building loyalty and trust on their brand that can transfer to leads. Social media channels cost you nothing to create and maintain the account. Posting on your imaginary brand character profile gives you more freedom than posting on our corporate profile. Even in some serious industries, a mascot has the power to augment the brand message through content and social media channels. In fact, your mascot provides your brand with alternative marketing profiles.

Utilize Mascots in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

By incorporating a brand mascot into your social media profiles can result in much higher engagement. People enjoy interacting with such amazing recognizable characters much more than engaging with the corporate brand or company representatives. This theory really works when we especially talk about social media sharing where fun element play a major role.

In contrast to logo designs, these amazing recognizable characters encourage casual communication which leads to social media success. A company mascot plays a great role in self-promoting the services. Utilize your mascots in branding as they are a perfect social media character that you can use in your visual quotes, holiday memes, banners and more.

Moreover, mascot toys can be incredibly effective for important leads, influencers, and potential clients. They can work well as an influencer marketing material and can be incorporated into social media contest prizes, holiday souvenirs, giveaways and more.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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