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How to Improve Web Design to Get Traffic?

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Website design has a great impact on the conversion and exit rates. A mere mistake can lead to high abandonment which in turn generates low sales. A lot many business failures can simply happen as a result of an unresponsive and not so user-friendly websites while business owners may consider the idea didn’t work out.

It is absolutely imperative to follow an expert advice, especially when you are new in the business world. The industry best practices teach us many great things if only we are willing to learn. Same is the case with the website design. Only the best one will stand and the rest will fall.

If you are not getting the right traffic on your website then perhaps certain important aspects need to be added or tweaked. Any Dubai web design company works day and night to get the right designs, the ones that get noticed.

Let’s learn from one of the many Dubai web design company that how you can improve your web design to get that traffic.

1. A Professional Logo

A logo stands as the identity of the brand. This is one of the reasons why brands spend so much time in getting the right logo for it eventually has to become their identity. How we recognize the letter ‘M’ in yellow for McDonald’s, the ‘swoosh’ for Nike, thanks to their logo. Place it in a prominent location on the homepage and everywhere else. Another advice is to link back the homepage via logo, makes for an easy navigation.

2. Clutter-free Navigation

A clean navigation helps the visitors find what they are looking for, easily. If you don’t make things easier for them, they are sure to abandon your page but of course, you cannot afford to do that. A better option would be to keep it in a horizontal bar along the top of the site and put in relevant options within. Also, use simple language in the navigation.

3. Doing away with Bombardment of Images

Placing a lot of images on a website can be overwhelming for the users. The rest of the information provided on the page is ignored and hence loses the sole purpose of reaching out to the visitor. Do away with visual clutter and keep minimum images, those too relevant to the scenario.

4. The Color Story

Use neutral colors for the website, the ones that are neither too bright, nor too dull to look at. You can even use small dashes of colors right where your headings are to guide the visitors to the content you want them to view.

5. Professional Photography or none at all

Don’t be too generic with your choice of web images. If you want to show too many people in the image, hire a professional photographer and get a good shot. When you invest in professional photography, it shows.

6. Make it a Responsive Website

Since visitors today are mostly using tools other than desktop computers, having a responsive website will be a plus to keep visitors on your site. It adapts to each device to make for a better user experience. If a website is not responsive, or not mobile-friendly, mostly users abandon it right away. Make it responsive and they will stay.

7. Easily Readable Fonts

This is where it becomes a bit tricky. Your website has to have fonts that are easier to digest regardless of the device. Go for a universal font which is nowhere less than 11pt. With a fixed-width design, using a font size with a maximum of 15 to 20 words per line.

Recreate your website by following the best practices of Dubai web design agency and you will never be disappointed again.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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