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Mastering the Art of Writing – A Great Digital Marketing Resume

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Mastering the Art of Writing – A Great Digital Marketing Resume

Most of the readers might agree with me if I tell you that all digital marketers are good at marketing the products and services of their companies but ironically, they are not good at selling themselves. It is very hard to believe but that is the truth. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to market yourself. All you have to do is to change your mental outlook and follow the advice given in this article. After reading this article, you will surely come to know how to write a resume that can take you to your dream job.

  • Sell Yourself like a Product

According to Dubai Monsters, “If you are so good at selling products, why not sell yourself as a product.” How does this change in mindset do the trick? Most of marketing techniques and approaches apply in the same way on a product as they do on marketers selling themselves. All the experience that you have gained while marketing products and services can come in handy in writing a winning resume. You just have to think from a different perspective. That is it.

  • Know Your Audience

Can a digital marketing campaign be successful without knowing the target audience? Obviously, the answer is no. Similarly, without knowing your audience, you cannot write a CV that gets you to the interviews and beyond. You need to understand who will read your resume and what is important for them? For that purpose, you should do in depth research about the company you are applying for, position you are applying for. This will help you put together a resume that will instantly win the heart of your recruiter.

  • Highlight What Makes You Stand Out

Just as brands have a unique selling proposition and value proposition, you, as a digital marketer possesses unique characteristics that make you stand out from the crowd. Your experiences, skills and knowledge are what differentiate you from other candidates. Think about a domain or sub domain that you specialize in and highlight it in your resume.

It could anything from leveraging social media to boost sales, creating unavoidable headlines and engaging content or helping your brand rank on the first page of Google for most competitive keywords. Whatever it might be, you should use it to separate yourself from the rest. Do not forget to tweak it based on the position you are seeking and the scale of the company you are applying for.

  • Have a Messaging Strategy

When marketing a brand, we usually have a communication strategy for different channels. We customize our message based on audience, marketing channel and demographics. Similarly, you should have a messaging strategy ready before writing a single word of your resume. You should think on layout, structure and keyword placement in your resume so it can strike a chord with the recruiter as soon as he or she looks at it. Tell your career story and highlight achievements that the recruiter might like.

  • Keep It Short, Focused and Organized

Did you know that HR managers only have six seconds to dedicate to each CV? They have to decide whether they like it or not in six seconds. Therefore, you should keep your resume down to a single page. That does not mean that you should mention everything on a single page and give it a cluttered look. Format your resume in such a way that everything is clearly readable. Mention your key achievements, skills, experience and education while leaving out the rest.

Emily Macintyre, Senior Marketing Recruiter at Hubspot gave a very useful advice, “If you stray too far from normal formatting, it is hard to read and understand your resume. Don’t get so creative that your resume becomes difficult to read.” Make sure that your resume is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes because nothing ruins your impression as a grammatical and spelling mistake does.

  • Focus on Benefits, Not Features

How many times have you received the common advice of focusing on product benefits instead of telling the customers about its features? I am sure the answer is countless number of times. Why not apply the same concepts when writing a resume after you are considering yourself as a product. Companies are more interested in hiring those candidates who can benefit them in one way or another. They want to know how you can help them increase their sales and revenues. Your resume should show them that you have done it before and can do it again because you possess the capabilities to benefit the organization. This is when your chances of being hired for the marketing job increases.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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