How To Merge Facebook Pages To Maximize Your Social Impact? -

How To Merge Facebook Pages To Maximize Your Social Impact?

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How To Merge Facebook Pages To Maximize Your Social Impact?

It is quite common to see brands having multiple fan pages on social media. Unfortunately, this does nothing more than confusing your online followers. You do not want them to spend hours in figuring out which is your official fan page. Businesses can resolve this problem by merging their Facebook fan pages. Yes, you can do that and this article will tell you how to merge Facebook pages with an easy to understand step-by-step method. Read on and find out more.

Who Should Merge Facebook Pages?

Before we get down to the process of merging Facebook pages, let’s look at who should merge their Facebook to give you a clear picture whether you should go for it or not.

Merge Facebook pages when

  • You have lost the admin rights to your Facebook page, set up a new page and got back the admin right of the old page.
  • Your employees have started a separate Facebook page on your behalf and as a result, you now have multiple pages.
  • You mistakenly created a page with a wrong name and you forgot about it but that did not stop it to grow. You set up a new page with correct name and you have two different pages.
  • You have a local page on Facebook. Unfortunately, it is not listed as one. As a result, when people try to check in, it creates a new place page.

Remember, there are only a few instances and cases that I have discussed and there could be more. If you are facing a similar situation, then you must merge your Facebook pages. Here is how.

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How To Merge Facebook Page?

How to merge Facebook-Pages - DubaiMonsters

Facebook provides clear instructions regarding merging Facebook pages.

Here is a brief excerpt from their page.

If you have two Facebook Pages for the same thing, you may be able to merge them if:

  • You are the single admin of both Pages
  • Both pages have similar names and represent the same thing
  • Your Pages have the same address if they have physical location

1. Claim the Places Page

If your customer creates a places page about your business, you will have to claim it by proving that you are a representative of that company. Go to the places page you want to claim and click on the three-dots icon on the top of the page. Choose the option, which says, “Is this your business?” It will ask for some documentation that will establish you as a business owner. Once, you have claimed the Place, you can now merge it with your official business page on Facebook.

2. Decide Between Page To Keep and Pages To Merge

Decide Between Page To Keep and Pages To Merge

Remember, when you are merging Facebook pages, the page with the most likes will be kept and others will be merged into it. This means that all the pages you merge in your official page will be deleted from Facebook. Make sure that you take a backup of everything such as photos, videos and more from the older pages that are about to be deleted. Once these pages are deleted, you will not be able to recover anything.

3. Merging Facebook Pages

Open your official page you want all pages to be merged in and go to the admin panel. Now hit the “Edit page” button, which would take you to the “Edit Settings”. From here, select choose “Merge Duplicate Pages”. If that option does not appear then it means that Facebook is unable to detect any pages. Do check whether the pages you want to merge meets the above criteria.

If Facebook finds duplicate pages, list of these pages will be visible. All you have to is to tick the checkboxes next to every page name and click the “Merge Pages”. As soon as you press the “Merge Pages” button all the followers, reviews and check-ins will be added to your official Facebook page. Facebook will take 14 days to approve your request for page merger and you will be notified whether your request is approved or disapproved via an email.

Don’t forget to add a new profile picture and banner to give it a new look and set page as local so that people can check in your place. Verify your Facebook page because it will boost your visibility on search engines and add authority to your page.


No matter what the reason for merger might be, merging Facebook pages will surely streamline your social media efforts and help you to amplify its impact too. More importantly, it saves your customers from confusion and tells them which page is real. Did this systematic guide help you to merge multiple Facebook pages? Feel free to share your feedback in comments section below.


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