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How to Rebrand Your Business for a Better ROI

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July 15, 2016
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How to Rebrand Your Business for a Better ROI

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about rebranding is that it is a mere facelift. Understanding that it is quite a complex business process that requires market research and re-evaluation of the core values that are in line with the internal alignments, marketing as well as the overall brand strategy.

Mostly, big organizations have it easy with the money and small organizations are the ones that are faced with trouble as they can’t easily throw around money to address various matters. But if the need be, rebranding becomes necessary, so does the need to secure that Return on Investment (ROI). So what will you, as a small business do in a matter like this?

Take a look at this step by step approach for rebranding your small business.

Step 1: Identification and Information Gathering

First things first, identifying whether you actually need to rebrand is of utmost importance. You need to have compelling business reasons for it. There are various elements that can point towards the fact that you need to do so. Start with the symptoms and underlying root problems in order to engage in the practice of a successful rebrand. This is the most challenging part as there is a dire need to look at matters from an outside perspective. Also note down the business objectives that the rebranding process will cover.

Step 2: Find a Problem Solver

Once you have made the decision of rebranding, the next step is to find a professional problem-solver to help you out in the matters. The internal research, problem identification and objectives that needs to be achieved might as well be your job but the external factors can be taken into account by professionals only. A mere graphic designer cannot help in the matter as efficiently, hence the need for those who have the right expertise and skills. You may take help from professional web design Dubai based agencies to help you as a problem solver in the matter.

Step 3: Execution Aligned with Brand Strategy

Although the professionals you have hired will take care of the business but you need to keep in check the business objectives that needs to be fulfilled. The execution phase is crucial to success and so needs to be aligned with the overall strategy that will in turn help in creating logical, coherent and business-oriented briefs to further to the agency you have hired for the job. You need to ensure that the new brand message is in line with the strategy in order to obtain desired results.

Step 4: Manage and Retain

It is not a good idea to rebrand every now and then. It ruins the overall brand image. Therefore once you have decided upon rebranding, stick to it and try and make it work or you will lose the customer loyalty. A brand is defined by its audience so ensure that their needs are reflected based on compounded interactions with the brand. All your communication strategies must narrate the same theme of your rebranding endeavors as you operate and manage the rebranding by means of using digital as well as physical mediums. So once you are through, put your marketing team to work.

Rebranding is surely a complex subject and requires utmost attention that stands critical to its success. With proper synchronization from all departments, the professional agency you have hired for the job and your business objectives, a business-aligned and powerful rebranding can come to life.

Decide whether you need rebranding and follow the 4-step plan to get it done successfully.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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