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How to Successfully Launch Your Business Website

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How to Successfully Launch Your Business Website

So you are deep into a website design just when a wall hits you, stopping you from moving forward. Sounds like a familiar ‘Been there, done that’ situation?

If you answered yes to the question and are on to launching a business website, then you really need to rethink the overall launch.

There are various steps that need to be taken before you go ahead missing any headlines and hitting any roadblocks. Let’s take a look at how each of these steps play a crucial role in launching your business website, be it existing or upcoming.

Plan Everything Beforehand

It is imperative to find out what your business objectives are before you head to just creating a website and launching it as is. It requires careful planning, utmost focus, and time, more than you can imagine at the current stage. Create a plan that covers all that needs to be done. Start with jotting down objectives, conducting departmental meetings and include everyone (including design, programming, social media, marketing, content and even administrative) for you never know how many people can actually add value. Then communicate the load and delegate the tasks accordingly.

Make a Map

A roadmap guides us to a direction that can be conceived after a rough plan, in the first step, has been created. This will include the entire design procedure, what are the exact responsibilities of each department and person within the department, as well as the deadlines. The major designing aspects will naturally take a start from a programmer, designer and a copywriter. But all of them will be relying on each other and the remaining personnel involved (e.g. marketing) will be looking forward to have the work delivered to them. Everything needs to be aligned, hence, a roadmap.

Look Ahead at Roadblocks and Setbacks

There is no denying that some of the things will go wrong, regardless of the planning and road-mapping. But not being prepared is what will drive you crazy. Therefore, it is wise to keep a few days or weeks in spare to solve any unstructured problems that may occur and tackle the problems one by one. As for the structured problems, its best to ponder upon them before time and take measures to kill them in the planning phase only.

Set Deadlines

Now that you are through the planning and have set aside problems, it is time to set dates, tasks and begin. The actual website design needs to start right after you have outlined the steps and taken initiatives for the above mentioned steps. Keeping everything synchronized and moving forward with the right pace alongside a deadline will ensure that the website is ready when you need it.

Step Up and Commence the Design Phase

Since you have planned, created a roadmap, taken into the structured and unstructured problems and have set deadlines, now is the time to move ahead with actual designing. This is where you give everyone the green signal.

Pilot Testing

Before you put your website up for launch and unveil it to the world, perhaps you should test it first. Head to a dev server or a local host to ensure there are no broken links and works appropriately with full functionality intact. This requires supervision and input from several departments. In fact, let it run through the entire workplace and look out for any troubles anyone points out and have them resolved.


As the time of the launch strikes on your calendar, your website should have gone through the testing. It should be up and running smoothly.


The next step, without any doubt, is to promote it. Since you have actively involved the marketing and content department in the process, they will be well aware of what the website is about and would already have come up with strategies to drive traffic to your website as soon as it steps out into the world.

The above elements will help in effectively launching your business website as well as go a long way from there, that is the post-launch phase. Consider them as steps to launch website that only the top-notch web design and development Dubai based agencies utilize when creating websites for their clients, each time. Utilize them today and share away the information to others. Good luck!


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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