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How to Update Your Website for Improving Sales

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How to Update Your Website for Improving Sales

With the ever growing need of an online presence in the digital world, website has become a public face for businesses. In order to attract, convince and persuade the customers into converting them, a good website is required to fulfill the need.

While a lot many businesses are aware and already do have a website, little do they know that making the right changes every now and then can increase their chances of maximizing their profits. Most of them focus on cosmetic changes including layouts, background colors or just images. It is vital for you to know that there would be incremental gains of merely 5 percent with those changes. However, if you spend that time and effort in doing something that would really make a difference, it would help you to double your sales.

Here are the fixes that you need to make to your website today:

Eliminate/Change your Offers

If you think your conversion rates are down to zero from the mere one or two percent that they were on, then perhaps you need to reconsider your offers. The offer needs to resonate with what the audience wants. It has to make them feel excited and connected and hence your ecommerce web design should be created around the very idea. This requires a lot of thinking and brainstorming in deciding whether to improve the offer or to eliminate it. How can you improve it? One tip is to create urgency, for example, “Avail the limited time 20% discount NOW!” When you tell your audience this, they will know that the offer is valid for a limited time only so they must make the decision quickly.

Connect with your audience

In an effort to persuade your audience in making a purchase, you need to connect with them to understand what influences them. Adding emotional triggers can really help in the matter. To continue from the point mentioned above, create urgency with emotions involved. Since your customers are too busy to find out on their own whether why should they make a particular purchase, you need to tell them. An add-on of that to the above example could be, “Hurry up before the stock runs out!” You are now telling them that they will be missing out if they don’t act now. Also, fear of missing out is a real killer so use it on them wisely.

Utilize remarketing when you can

Gone are the days when you had just one chance to make a great first impression. With remarketing, you can now avail that very chance a 100 times if you want to. Google’s Display Network and Facebook are essential tools for remarketing and are crucial to the success of your growth. It will not only save you money but will save you a lot of time as well as it generates leads, conversions and brand recall.

Get an app

A mobile friendly site is a necessity today and there could be no argument about that. However, a more vivid approach today is creating an app that will act in support of the website – the second part is of utmost importance. Why? Because if you simply recreate your website as you build an app, that very app will become a replacement of your website which is pointless. You are moving the audience away from the website by doing so. What an app really needs to do is understand and implement only the customer service engagement elements to make it more meaningful and useful. Think about the key services that will help you to deliver a user experience in a straight-forward manner. For instance, a courier service could use a package tracking app that may or may not be the unique function in their web version.

Direct them to a number

Most of your customers are accessing your website from their phone only. Therefore, simply directing them to your website will do you only part good. So when you are creating a mobile-friendly website, remember to display your number up front. Also, your ads should be forcing people to call you. Why? Because people who make calls are all set to make a purchase and have serious queries to ask of you – don’t lose the chance and make yourself approachable.

Now that you know all of this, doubling or perhaps tripling your revenues will not be unreachable anymore. Study your website closely and see how you can make it better by making the above changes. Start today for success awaits!


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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