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How to Use Concepts and Inspirations in Web Design

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July 20, 2016
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How to Use Concepts and Inspirations in Web Design

Graphic designing requires the use of concept and inspiration before you get your hands into creating something. These are ideas that your website is built around and the very ideas that help in transforming your website into a story – And we all know How Storytelling Adds Life to UX since people love stories!

Why else is concept so important for a design? It is rather a magnet that commands each of the element on the page including color, style and even typography. Being attracted to the magnet, these elements combine together to come up with a beautiful design that is inspired from the concept. So the magnet makes the purpose greater.

Take the example of a themed wedding. When a theme has been decided upon, there are so many items that are required to work in synchronization with the inspiration that has been chosen. This may include cake, invitations, dresses, photography, food and a lot more other elements that work together to support the theme of the wedding.

A creative web design works pretty much the same way. However, the elements may be different than that of a cake or place settings that will be replaced with color and typography.

As a designer, you can also supplement common actions with interactivity. Nike website is a terrific example that seems to have inspired a lot many other websites, be it sports-related, or otherwise. From celebrities involved to an exquisite UX, the website stands as a perfect concept for just about any brand. Nike has kept it simple, yet spectacular.

Squarespace is yet another example of a website that uses high resolution images that seems to be rightly fulfilling the promise of creating beautiful websites. The entire website is built around the concept of creating, crafting and designing by means of utilizing images that are pointing towards the same fact.

But is it just the design? Nope. There’s also the right font to go with the right theme and if there’s lifestyle involved, make use of people-oriented images. Various Ecommerce websites are built around the very concept today. You can actually view people wearing the clothes, and holding the items, you are buying so as to give a clear image of what a particular piece of apparel looks like when worn or held. This creates for a more personalized look of the product viewed.

When a website is designed around a story, a concept, and is beautifully represented, the idea of the website can be guessed even before a visitor has read the tagline. That is the real magic of utilizing an amazing concept and executing it in an equally promising manner.

If you think that you are failing at creating a design and it seems somewhat hopeless, lost and disconnected with the idea you thought of, perhaps it is time that you need a real inspiration – a solid concept. So pick a concept right in the beginning and give it a try. There are greater chances of ending up with a website that actually works. Save yourself in the long run and create websites based on concept that enhances the overall UX and interactivity.

Was this motivation thorough? Building a concept-based website already? So let the hunt begin!


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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