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How Visual Content Drives Traffic to Your Website?

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April 14, 2016
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April 18, 2016
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How Visual Content Drives Traffic to Your Website?

The first rule of online business today is to get website traffic. To do so, the tremendous amount of effort is applied to not only get the traffic but the one that converts as well. The competition is tough and the marketers are playing tactically with the use of right contributing factors in the current era. One of these is visual content. Given the shorter attention spans today, people barely read a 2000-word article. They would rather skim through or perhaps find a shorter version, or video of it. Visual content comes handy in this regard.

So what is that magical visual content and how does it aid in the process of traffic generation?

Find out how to make your plain website into a creative web design that speaks for itself:


Customers today are smarter and pre-informed than they ever were. Alongside the latest information, they demand the credibility that supports the content. This includes facts and figures, results of research surveys, and that too in the most concise and visually appealing manner as possible. Infographics serve as the perfect provider of this boring data in a more visually appealing and attractive manner. The best part is that they read it out from top to bottom as the descriptions are short and have a backing support of the colors and images.

Product Videos

product videos

Product videos are best utilized when your product is a bit difficult to explain. Make an interactive video about it and help the visitor understand your product better. Define the features, benefits and various other points that may become plain boring when displayed as too wordy a content. Add in animated characters and use visual cues to explain better. Create a video for each of your product and place it on the dedicated page of each to grab attention.

Blog Images

blog images

Writing a blog that really hooks is undoubtedly a great task but as you go on adding in more information, facts and examples, it may become an interesting read but somewhere in that lengthy post, a reader may lose that interest. To keep that interest right where it is, put in images like graphs to demonstrate certain results and number crunching. Including videos to develop a greater understanding and connect with the blog is also a great idea. Also, don’t be afraid to use the charts.

Landing Page Videos


Watching video on line concept illustration with play button and blurred background.

Landing page videos are gaining a lot of popularity recently as they are the best visual method around for conveying an exact message of your product/service. They are appealing and quick and both of them in a very engaging way. You can even go for animated explainer videos, by using an animated character that explains on your behalf. It becomes fairly more engaging that way.

Client Testimonials

testimonial video

Client testimonials give the visitors a first-hand experience of people like them. They add to the credibility and help in lead generations. So there are two ways to go about it; either include a statement from the clients alongside their picture or add a video testimonial. Don’t forget to mention the designation and company so that the visitors don’t have to take wild guesses.

So, this is the power of visual content in driving traffic straight to your website.

Time to overhaul your regular e-commerce web design to a creative web design, along with a blog and everything else to make sure you start the traffic generation, engagement and conversion process right away. The next step…

Measure results and you can thank me later!


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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