I Need Website for my Business: What Newcomers Need to Know about Setting up a Brand-New Website

I Need Website for my Business: What Newcomers Need to Know about Setting up a Brand-New Website

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I Need Website for my Business: What Newcomers Need to Know about Setting up a Brand-New Website

First up, a simple question for the readers: Ask yourself honestly if you need a website to launch your business. Even if you have very little knowledge in this concern, your answer must be affirmative. The reasons are aplenty as a professionally designed business portal can be a lead-catching and a great way to increase sales.

Over the years, consumer behavior has changed, and in the digital age, a website is an absolute necessity. Over 97% of consumers go online to find local businesses for any product or service they are looking for. The majority of them also use a website to make sure the company they are dealing with is a genuine one and is a basic factor before they buy anything online.

If you think that your business is too small so that you can run through a Facebook page, remember that your website is your first marketing asset. Without one, your credibility as a serious business owner is compromised.

If you have a friend or colleague who is brilliant in web designing and can offer you a website for free, it’s simply not worth it. You need a website through which your customers would be able to do online transactions by giving sensitive information, like a credit card number. You cannot leave this on an amateur and professional web designers and developers must be consulted in this concern.

The following are the top factors that you need to consider to set up an eCommerce portal of your own.

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The requirement for the Domain Name is Vital

It is common for businesses to have domain names exactly the same as their business like target . But you can take a long text phrase if you want, for clarity. For example, think of a product or service that best describes them. Don’t go for DBXC if you are trying to establish your business by the name of Dubai Computers. DBXC will be vague and rather give the impression of a sports club or something related to Dubai Airport (DBX)

For businesses, it’s imperative to think about your domain. It’s the first contact for anyone with your business, so make it count. There cost associated with getting your domain name is buying it and then keeping it by paying a yearly fee.

Custom Email Address

For a professional feel, you’ll need a custom business email address. For example, info@supercomputers.com give a good impression for anyone looking to contact you through email, rather than using a free email address like Yahoo or Hotmail. Use your business domain name for email, too for best impact. A custom email address is quick, cheap, and fairly easy. Our recommendation is to use Google’s G Suite and its enterprise feature which is a good alternative.

Design and Development of the Website

For any business, web design can make things interesting for their visitors so that they are attracted to it. Web design is not limited to the design/layout of the home page, but also graphic design, UI/UX, among other aspects. The products/services provided by your website and the extent to which you want to facilitate your audience in displaying them always play a pivotal role in making things work for you.

If you are asking everyone in your social circle, I need a website for my business in Dubai and still don’t know how to go about it, the assistance from a thorough web design agency based in Dubai is all you need. So, what other aspects related to design you need to have for a website to work in your favor? Read on for more information.

Homepage and Landing Page

Visitors must get a website that is right on the money in terms of offering the best experience for them. The home page’s design should be according to the target audience. For example, a financial website will be different in nature as a website offering apparel and toys. That’s where an informative about us page can introduce your product and the story behind it through pictures, videos or any other medium, like an infographic.

Through an aptly designed landing page, companies can get some important data like email addresses or contact numbers of people interested in their product. This wealth of data can be used in the future to build a database for contacting prospective customers for any other related product too.

Contact and other Pages

The contact page should also be clear with minimal design focusing on how your potential customers can reach you including email addresses, phone numbers and office addresses. Also, mention the best time to reach you so that visitors on your website can get in touch with you without waiting endlessly for a reply from you.

The design of the products/services page can work in your favor big time if you can add images and short videos that visitors like to see. And finally, a blog which can offer visitors interesting and latest information about topics and subjects related to your product or industry.

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Pro Tips to Make Design work for you

The following pro tips will make your design work for you and make it productive for you, rather than become a liability in the form of excessive or outlandish design.

Make Sure Your Site Loads Quickly 

Slow websites are such a put-off. You need to think about the initial 3 seconds as anything above and you will start losing your prospective customers. A visually stunning website doesn’t need to be slow- loading. Use tools like PageSpeed Insights by Google to know everything that is hampering your website in this regard.

Don’t Forget About Mobile 

Mobile-first should be your approach for great user experience. If your website is not mobile-responsive, chances are you will lose over half your prospective customers as a result and the percentage will keep on increasing.

Limited Use of Keywords

Sparing use of keywords will make your content look as natural as possible rather than stuffing your content with keywords. Use a tool like Google Ads Keyword Planner to know popular keywords that you need to use for the best results.

After finding a popular keyword, proceed only after you are sure that it will fit in your content without looking being forced. To keep your website getting penalized from Google, use keywords wisely.

Over to you

So, here you go. If you are starting your business in Dubai or any other metropolitan city in the region, then you need to consider the factors mentioned above and tips seriously.

Please offer your valuable feedback for this blog or ask any question that is bothering you by using the comments section below.

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