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Improve Your Web Page Performance with the Help of Visual Cues

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Improve Your Web Page Performance with the Help of Visual Cues

A normal website visitor takes about 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay or leave the web page. This is the power of your first impression on the web visitor and surprisingly 94% of the first impressions are related to the design of your website courtesy your web design service.

For many people design is related to “how it looks”, however in reality it’s more concerned with “how it works?”. And in order to keep the usability quotient of any website design high, you can take help from the visual cues that help the users to understand functionalities and creates a better engagement and a better overall experience.

Here is how to do it:

Design trends are good. They keep things afresh and provide your visitors to experience something visually joyful as they land on your website. But until amalgamated with the usability, the design doesn’t do much in uplifting your page’s performance.

The point to be noted here is that a good interactive design is not about art or trends only. But it is about the overall use of the website. You don’t really have to fancy an art degree if you want to understand the usability in website design. In order to understand usability in website design consider the following:

Make use of conventions –

Conventions are standardized design pattern, ready to use that can orient even the first time web visitors quickly to the use and functionalities of your website. For example, usage of “About” instead of Why Us or some other variation instantly builds your visitors attention about the purpose of the page existing.

Create effective visual hierarchies –

visual hierarchies are visual helps with which the user understands on what is on the page. Their relationship between those things and how he/she possibly proceed to consume the services. Visual hierarchies are a powerful yet quick way to suggest your user the context of your website or any subset information that might be required.

Clearly defined breakups –

Breaking your page into clearly defined areas help your visitors scan for groupings or information they are interested in. if not dealt with care, this area can create problems for if it doesn’t clearly delineate where page content sections are changing.

Clearly mention clickables –

As clear as the heading can get. Clickables should always be made obvious without any ado. Clickables are normally the action that is required by the customer to do, and they constitute in the major lead/business generation. Using visual cues to help highlight exactly how visitors can do that make it obvious and easy for them.

Cut short the distractions –

distractions or clutter can be hazardous for any website design. Be it a usual web page or an email capturing landing page. the primary objective to setup any website is to generate business out of them and with their use inform the customers about your product offerings. Distractions can deviate your customers’ attention and might even induce them to leave your page without taking the desired action, thus all your marketing and business development efforts go in vain.

Use content to support scanning –

numerous online surveys have suggested that in the era of today, customers like to scan. Many a times they are surfing through more than one web page, at the same time who are offering similar services to them. By doing so they can not only take an informed decision but also their decision making power gets better with the correct transition of information to them. Content of your website plays a vital role in conveying the right message to your customer in the right way and at the right time. Info rich content that is targeted to the user makes him believe on your service and thus a possible sale for you.

These are only a few tips to make use of visual cues for improving the performance of your website design. In order to get a detailed walk through how can you improve the performance of your website design, get in touch with the most prolific website design service in Dubai and learn about the new aspects of business generation through your website design.

Talha Manzoor
Talha Manzoor
Talha Manzoor holds vital experience in launching online brands and maintaining their profound presence both through positive publicity and paid advertising. Currently he is associated with Dubai Monsters - a renowned web design agency in Dubai. He loves to write about latest in technology and occasionally writes about nature. He has a fun and frolic personality and does animal welfare as voluntary work. He tweets at @Talhamanzoor24.