Incorporate Shoppable Videos into Your Digital Marketing Strategy -

Incorporate Shoppable Videos into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Incorporate Shoppable Videos into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has more potential to generate higher returns on investment than display ads. This is why, brands have started investing in innovative video marketing strategies.

Modern consumers are fully aware of advertisements and sales pitches and they do their best to avoid them. Consumers are constantly looking for information, valuable and entertaining video content to either spend their free time or make a purchase decision. If truth be told, video content has now become the most important marketing channel for brands looking to expand their business growth and profits.

Many brands that have incorporated video content into their marketing strategy are now considering shoppable video marketing tactic to increase their brand recognition. This indicates when a customer watches a video, he can click on the product displayed in the video to see the product details, and ultimately make a purchase decision. However, most videos that we usually see are usually moving ads instead of a valuable shopping experience.

In order to create an effective shoppable video, digital marketers need to incorporate it into their content marketing strategy and use it wisely to help the consumers in their online journey.

Here are some effective shoppable video marketing strategies that will help you create video content with a touch of shopability that will lead to more conversions.

Create Interactive Sales Videos

The purpose of creating shoppable videos is to make the user journey, easy, quick and interactive by embedding clickable links into video content. These links can simply direct users to a particular landing page for the product or directly integrate with shopping cart.

Getting more ROI has always been the major concern for digital marketers, but with the rise of shoppable video content, marketers can display a direct impact on the bottom line.

Let’s take an example of Baker, the brand is very famous for its video marketing strategy, inviting viewers to shop the items they want by their fantastical film.The brand generated 17.9% more sales with this video marketing strategy.

tedbaker - Dubaimonsters

This means consumers are more impressed with the shoppable experience. These amazing results have warned competitors, so the chances are bright that more and more shoppable video content is coming your way, especially in the festive periods.

Create Engaging Video Content

Use your video as a complete guide to your products or services you are offering to help users make a purchase decision. As this type of video plays works best for the first-time buyers who needs to know about your brand and what type of services or products you are offering. Marketers can get the most out of this informative videos and guide viewers to find what you want them to find.

The Fairmont San Francisco has created an amazing video that helps its users to envision the experience they will have by showing off every single detail of the hotel’s services and comforts.

During this type of videos, if viewers likes any product, marketers can provide them an easy way to find more information on it and purchase it directly without interrupting the video experience.

Adding links to more information in videos simply help prospective buyers to know the detailed information about your band and increase your chances of getting more conversions.

Feature these informational videos on product category and product detail pages, so that visitors can easily find them.

Inform Buyers about the New Products and New Trends

You can use videos to inform your potential customers about the latest trends by defining what is hot this season and what you have to offer them.

You can use videos as a catalog and allow users to see every single product you have for them. If an item grabs their attention, shoppable video makes it simpler for viewers to find the product detail and purchase information.

The key here is to create engaging video that can simply show off your product collection and services in a more natural and interesting way without compromising the viewing experience.

Have a look at this BestBuy guide to buying laptops, it is an elegant example of informing users about the product with personalization and ordering options.

best_buy_video - Dubaimonsters

Create How-to Videos

Create titles such as “how to create a perfect digital marketing strategy”, “what to look for in a professional web design agency”, “how to stay updated with the latest fashion trends” or “how to dress well for a corporate look”.

In how-to videos, provide viewers with a service or product link to make a purchase decision. When they see that you have exactly what they need to get their job done, it will make it easier for them to purchase the product while their interest is high.

Marks and Spencer is a great example of how-to videos. Have a look at this video in which they explained the tips to wear a suit.

By featuring this video into the main category pages featuring suits, they are more likely to drive more conversion with those who are looking for ways to wear a suit.

In short, how-to videos with embedded links to related products pages or service pages will double your chances of getting more conversions and qualified leads.

Over to You

Shoppable videos can serve as a valuable tool for your marketing strategy. They have more potential, especially if products and services are linked smartly to those featured in your shoppable videos, it can do wonders.

You can find your technology partner that offers digital marketing services that will help your brand to create a remarkable shoppable video content for any video so that you can feature this on your website and drive more engagement and conversions.

Video content that is specifically focused on the needs and interests of your customers, combined with an easy implementation and engaging shoppability, will certainly give your digital marketing strategy a significant boost. Create shoppable videos and stand out as engaging, valuable content worthy of your potential buyers’ free time.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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