Incorporate Unique Improvisations to Make your Package Redesign a Work of Art

Incorporate Unique Improvisations to Make your Package Redesign a Work of Art

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Incorporate Unique Improvisations to Make your Package Redesign a Work of Art

Imagine a scenario for companies where they have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to revamp their branding. But what will happen if their product doesn’t take off? A perfect nightmare for any marketing department. Tropicana’s product package failure is one prime example of this debacle.

Tropicana hired Arnell, the famous ad agency, to redesign their package for them. After nearly five months of the designing process and marketing that cost the company around $35 million, the result was a supreme disaster. And of the biggest package redesign failures in history. Take a look at the old design and the new one.

From the prominent name of Tropicana to the image of orange in the previous design, this was considered a failed job by all the industry pundits. And even the paying public agreed with them as the company lost $20 million in missed sales. Tropicana’s goal to take over the market with the lion’s share failed miserably, and it took them another few months to come up with a new packaging design.

Importance of Product’s Packaging Redesign

Product packaging provides functionality to protect the product during transport and shipping, like milk and cereals, and to attract customers who are making a purchasing decision. Product’s packaging can be rightly termed as the real salesman as it holds the key. When a customer looks at a product on the shelf, it is the packaging that can be instrumental in his decision to buy it.

You may never know that your product’s packaging is missing until the time when your sales figures start dwindling fast. So, what you need to consider while redesigning your package. The following are the most important factors for a company’s success in this regard.

Redesigning your Packaging

Product packaging is what you need to give your brand a makeover. You can start to overhaul your product package design with effective communication with your target audience, an important factor. You need to be aware of the feedback of the customers who use your products regularly or new customers. When you know about the performance of your product and its packaging, only then can you have the right idea about what can be your next plan of action.

Plan your Magnitude of Change

How big a redesign are you aiming for? This is the first question that should be in your mind. If you think that a drastic change is needed, all your strategies must be based on this aspect. On the other hand, if you are looking for just a minor tweak, plan your actions accordingly.

You can go for a revolutionary change, but remember that it can impact your business. Thorough research prior to this must be done about the possible reaction from your customers.

Emotional Connection to the Brand

It is interesting to note that, most of the time, the decision from a buyer concerning a product is based on emotions or feelings attached to it rather than any concrete reasoning. Think about the repackaging of M&Ms as it can dubbed as a masterstroke. See the difference below.

The old packets were small in size. Note the difference in the large size of the new pouch, and it’s a stand-up pouch. This automatically increases the chances of the product as potential customers can now see the pouch from a distance rather than only after coming close to the shelf. It was indeed a transformation in the right direction.

Be Authentic and Honest to your Customers

Redesigning doesn’t have to be all about having a new design that is literally out of this world. Rather, try to define all the benefits of your product through apt packaging. And it doesn’t mean you cannot be trendy in your design. See the example of Skyr, pictured below, as to how it changed the packaging for the better.

Skyr is known for its high protein and a unique taste. The use of a bright and white shiny packaging made sure the graphics retained the essence of the original. The new bigger pack allowed for more Greek yogurt, similar to curd cheese eaten in Germany and Russia, in a pleasing way.

Is your Current Packaging Looks Outdated?

Even if you are using your current packaging for some years now, it may not look outdated. Apart from other factors, a package may look stale if it is not in sync with the latest design trends packaging material. For example, milk has long been used in tetra-packaging around the world. And if your brand is selling milk in any other packaging, surely eyebrows will be raised as your packaging may be seen as outdated.

See the examples of tetra packaging and why it always doesn’t need to look boring.

How to Slightly Differentiate the Packaging from your Competitors

You can always try to be different from your competitors in terms of a package, and for redesigning, it is an important factor. But if you will make a product that is too different from your competitors, it may be confusing your customers. For example, the use of a square bottle for soft drinks is not a good idea as soft drinks are always packaged in round shape.

Companies producing cookies and chocolates can redesign their packages and try out some new shapes too. Toblerone is a prime example as its chocolates are presented in a joined triangular prism. And when Poundland tried to copy its design in the famous twin peak controversy, it was not an easy legal battle. And Poundland ultimately had to change the shape and packaging as Mondelez, the company that manufacturers Toblerone, won the case.

Final Word

Package redesign can be a very lengthy and laborious process for the marketing team of any company. But the outcome can be satisfying for the product’s future and increase its chances of getting a significant share in the market.

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