Brands Need Innovative Label Designs to Woo their Target Audience

Brands Need Innovative Label Designs to Woo their Target Audience

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Brands Need Innovative Label Designs to Woo their Target Audience

“Packaging can be theater; it can create a story.” – Steve Jobs

Yes, that’s right. Even a simple packaging having a great design can alleviate the product to another level. The presentation of a product matters a lot as without seeing your product, a potential customer will have a positive image of it. That’s the power of packaging that can turn heads. Apart from packaging, labeling of the product is one of the most critical factors that you need to think about.

A label will speak for it and portray a product in a manner that will compel a person in picking it up from the shelf. The power of packaging, coupled with apt labeling, can make even unknown brands worth a second look.

Companies across the globe have to sell their products in a competitive marketplace where the margin for error is very thin. Getting the attention of their target audience is not an easy feat. One important reason is that not many people are willing to use a product other than what they are using for a long time. That’s why companies putting emphasis on packaging design and coming up with a nice label is also necessary.

Take a look at the following factors that can make the design of a label work well for any product.


On a product’s label, we generally see the name of the product, logo, quantity, etc. That’s why readability is such an important factor here. Don’t try to use fancy fonts that can make it difficult to read all the information mentioned. While the font size may be small, it is the job of the designer to make it perfectly readable. All the detailed information about the usage of the product is usually written on the flip side.


For enhanced readability, the color of the font should be in contrast with the background color of the label. Going by customers’ psychology, a bold color is always preferred so that everything is readable.


Perfect Use of White Space

See the example of the Fic Ginger Ale project and the label design. Notice the white space and minimalist type design is used to present the label information without making much effort. White space is always preferred to offer a soothing effect on the eyes and the basis for a relaxing design.

Less is More

You don’t have much space when it comes to labels. Copy that can attract eyeballs within a few seconds is what you need. Coupled with a great visual design, you can turn your label into a platform through which you can offer so much to anyone looking at it. In terms of marketing, this is an exceptional way to make your product’s name, logo, and the story you want to tell.

You may think that you have very little space, but check out the picture below is how companies can use this space effectively.


Any other information you want to share with your customers can be written on the packaging. Also, check the illustration of the Evolution Fresh project that will be described in the next section.

Decorating the Label with Illustrations

Illustrations can add so much more to a label, which is usually reserved for information like the brand name and quantity of the product inside the packaging. Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, illustrations can also offer so much more to enhance the visual impact of the label design.

The colorful abstract illustrations are used to describe the flavor of each juice. At first, the illustrations look quite similar, but they are different in the sense that they portray different fruits through the use of specific colors.

Print Quality

In the end, if you will not pay attention to the print quality, all your hard work will go in vain. The print quality of the label matters a lot as that visual can attract people in hordes. The labeling can be tested upon the surface of the packaging, and that’s why you can choose from multiple types of print quality. For example, take a look at the picture below and see the print quality.


The premium and shiny material of the packaging and apt use of multiple colors Is how you need to use the print quality of your product to your advantage.

Final Word

If you think that there is a tried and tested formula for the success of a label design, there isn’t. You need to go about this process just as hard as you have done for any other part of your marketing strategy. Remember that this is part of the branding, and your level design, along with the packaging, is one part of your marketing strategy.

Products on display at shelves have to speak up for themselves, and one good way is through a label and package design. Don’t think about this aspect casually as product labeling is something very important. The graphic designer you will hire can turn a simple label into a work of art. That’s why the expertise of the designer or the design agency is critical to the success of your label design.

If you think that any other aspect or factor can be added to this blog, you are more than welcome. If you want to ask a question about something mentioned here that you haven’t understood, please speak up.

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