How to Create Instagram Landing Pages for your Ads? -

How to Create Landing Pages For Your Instagram Ads?

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How to Create Landing Pages For Your Instagram Ads?

Congratulations! After a ton of hard work and dedication, you’ve finally been able to start your dream venture. And your target audience is active on Instagram so you decided to create an Instagram page for your brand. You started getting followers and the number started growing slowly and steadily. Within few months, your brand followers grew from hundreds to thousands. They are engaging with your brand too but not clicking on your Instagram ads.

For those who do click on your Instagram ads, they do not download the offer. Although, this could happen due to many reasons one of them is lack of attractive landing pages for your Instagram ads. How can I create eye-catching, attention-grabbing landing pages for my Instagram ads?

In this article, you will learn how you can create high converting landing pages for your Instagram ads to boost conversions.

1. Call to Action button will trigger heavy sales

The ultimate goal of a landing page is to generate sales. Reducing clutter around your CTA button can increase your sales rate up to 232%. Even if you’re willing to use text on your Instagram landing page, ensure that the CTA button is separate and catches the eye. As you can see in the example by Squarespace, just two lines, an image, and attention-worthy CTA button.

2. Use Bullets for more readability

Just like website content, blogs and articles, most people will skim your landing page and try to make sense out of it. Instead of being too wordy, it is best to use bulleted text for more readability. Using short sentences in a bulleted manner by conveying the message in the most absorbing manner.

3. Feature the Value Proposition for focused attention

The value proposition is basically a promise to your customer for the value which your brand is delivering. Your target audience will notice you if you’re delivering something that they need. And your value proposition is clearly mentioned on the landing page, users will pay attention and turn into a lead.

We take complex ideas and transform them into beautiful logos.

A good example is of WordStream Instagram ad where they have highlighted their value propositions in the form of a checklist. The hourglass depicts that time is running out while the checklist mentions the USP of the brand.

4. Social Proof

Why do you check TripAdvisor before traveling or why do you check Yelp before selecting a restaurant for eating out? The reason is that you can get reviews from people who have been there before and they are sharing their experiences, which can help you make the right decision. Similarly, products with low ratings on Amazon do not get user attention. That is why you should include social proof on your landing page.

There are various ways in which you can use social proof in your Instagram landing pages. A testimonial from a satisfied customer or a celebrity, logo from big brands using your services or a total number of users, subscribers and downloads can all be used as social proof. Make sure it is authentic and is from real people to boost your brand’s credibility. Check out how Canva has used Social Proof in one of their Instagram landing page:

5. Use A/B testing for each landing page

Did you know that Google ran more than 7,000 A/B tests in the year 2011? The same strategy is used by marketers to gauge the response of various type of users. A slight change in the positioning of the CTA button helped Influitive to increase their conversion rate to around 40%.

6. Consistent Visual Experience

According to Contently, 60% of brands on Instagram use the same filter for each post. Why? It is because the filter brings powerful visual consistency with the brand identity. The visual appearance of your landing page should coincide with that of your Instagram ad. Using the same fonts, the colors, and the placements of objects can help the customer to find everything in front of their eye.

Bentley University offered a perfect example of what the consistent visual experience is all about. Look at their Instagram landing page and eBook download page, how visually in sync they are. This is what consistent visual experience is all about.



Combine your captivating Instagram ad with a conversion focused landing page to convert visitors into customers. Use bullet points, lists, short sentences and stats to make it easy for users to skim through your landing page. Harness the power of social proof to build trust and credibility. Maintain consistency and declutter your CTA and value proposition to grab the attention of your users. Use A/B testing for each ad.

What strategies are you using for creating landing pages for Instagram ads? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.'
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