Instantly Learn How to Structure and Master the Design of WordPress Blogs

Instantly Learn How to Structure and Master the Design of WordPress Blogs

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Instantly Learn How to Structure and Master the Design of WordPress Blogs

WordPress Blogs

Imagine a scenario where you have to buy a product as a present for someone, and you have just a few hours left. You will search frantically and open dozens of tabs in your browser in the bid to select a shopping portal and find a product that suits your requirements. So, what are the chances for a website to be shortlisted out of dozens? Very slim, to be honest. Blogging your way to success is one way for businesses to get your attention as not many websites offer expert-level blogs on topics related to their products or services.

If I ask you what constitutes a great blog, most of you will go for great content, some will relate it to design, and few will say how you structure it. It is a combination of all the above factors as not just one element can make a blog look great and popular. A viral post may get you traffic for some time, but you need a well-structured blog to start with.

So how can you come up with a great guest post that looks really interesting at first glance? The following are the seven steps that make a well-structured blog post.

  1. Headline

A catchy headline is what you need. Online readers don’t have much time that they can spend on reading every blog they see, but if a headline catches their attention, they will undoubtedly read a paragraph or two. See the Introduction below for more information as to how you can make them stay on your blog through thoroughly engaging content.

  1. Introduction

Make your introduction that can convince readers that your post is what they were looking for. A little bit modified but similar approach to content creation should apply for direct messaging and SMS marketing. A summary in the start or apt storytelling, laced with humor or something related to a recent incident, will work wonders for you. Not a great intro and you will struggle with your post big time.

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  1. Main Content

This is where most of your blog’s content will be placed. Use of lists, bullets/numbers will make it easier for your readers to go through your blog and read the content in its entirety. Remember that readers tend to skim the content; it’s your job to make them read it thoroughly for best results.

  1. Sub-Headings

Sub-headings make any content more natural to go through. No one likes to read a long passage of text. Sub-heading will keep their interest alive so that they can get to their desired section quickly.

  1. Images

Images can make a blog interesting to go through as relevant images help readers content and provide quick context for your words. It is one element that

  1. Featured Image

A feature image that reflects what your article is all about can make an even bigger difference than all the other images combined. Try to put an image that is entirely related to the topic.

  1. Conclusion

Finally, conclude your blog post in a subtle way that doesn’t look like a hurried job. If your topic is not entirely discussed, don’t end it abruptly. You can also include some resources or links that may interest your readers.

Why Blogs on WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) as over 60 million websites are using it as of 2019. That’s why my main focus here will be on how you can produce exceptional WordPress blogs but will be helpful for all potential bloggers and businesses looking to make a mark with the content they share online.

The following are the four factors that can make a blog look pleasing to the eyes and engaging so that a visitor is compelled to read it.

  1. Color

Why are colors memorable? Every website has the opportunity to take their audience to a world where colors, coupled with design and content, can take them on a whirl-wind ride. Colors can speak a language that can set the tone for the visitors, right at the onset. The use of a limited color palette is highly recommended, especially for small businesses/startups. Use two main colors and stick to them while you can use dark grey text in addition to the default black.

The use of these colors consistently throughout every page of your site, especially the blog will make it stand out. To draw attention to a special offer, announcement, or a button, the use of a bold color considerably enhances the impact.

  1. Images

Images are not that difficult to find, but putting it on your website for maximum impact can be somewhat tricky. Not many people know how to edit an image so that to crop, merge or customize it according to the requirement of the featured content. For a WordPress blog, minimize the image size to the point that resolution is good, but the file size is reduced considerably. This will help your site load quickly so that every visitor can see the full blog without any delay.

  1. Fonts

You can use the default fonts used by the majority like Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman. Setting up custom fonts will take some time but will be worth every penny spent. Custom fonts reflect your brand’s personality and offer a distinct feel to the visitors. Use custom fonts, and you will see the positive results by using a third-party service or use the free Google Font API.

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  1. Video

The use of short videos of less than one minute in duration can be a great plus-point for a blog. Videos have the power to engage a person as instead of reading, watching a video consumes less time. You can easily upload a video on a platform like YouTube, get a snippet of code and paste it onto your website. Just check the link regularly and make sure the video is not deleted or relocated to another link. Videos increase the value of content and create a blog post looks authentic.

Final Word

Businesses want more visitors on their websites, and blogging is one of the best and most economical ways of this concern. Visitors decide in just a split second whether they want to stay on your blog or not. To ensure this happens every time you need first to follow the steps for creating a well-structured blog. And then the four design aspects for a blog that can engage a visitor till the very end.

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog, you are more than welcome. Please offer your feedback or ask any questions you have by using the comments section below.'
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