Interview with Creative Art Director - Faisal Ahmed - web design dubai

Interview with Creative Art Director – Faisal Ahmed

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April 21, 2016
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April 26, 2016
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Interview with Creative Art Director – Faisal Ahmed

Faisal Ahmed – a talented graphic designer and photographer, is currently working for Dubai Monsters. The enormous amount of talent and overloaded creativity has proven himself in the design industry. His work is amazing and always a stunning delight to cast your eyes upon. Bold graphics with great use of colors and detail all rolled into incredible visual masterpieces. Faisal is in the best position to let his flairs grow into something long term and of more value.

We caught up with Faisal to find out how he has achieved so much success?

Dubai Monsters: Hey Faisal nice to meet you how’s life today?

Faisal:  So far it’s all good. Thank you!

Dubai Monsters: What made you decide on the career you are doing right now? Why did you become a graphic designer?

Faisal:  Designing was in my veins, I was brought up in an art driven family thus, colors and designs influenced me from my childhood. It was my passion to become a graphic designer. I exploited opportunities from a very small age which helped me in my professional career later on.



Dubai Monsters:  What is your approach while designing an insanely creative graphic design?

Faisal:  For me it is simple, think of a creative, unique idea and go with it. Brainstorm to generate ideas and dive into your own mind. And then things start getting a bit creative and inventive.




Dubai Monsters:  What is the most enjoyable aspect while designing artistic designs?

Faisal:  Designing itself is a gratifying process. I love creating visual identities for brands that represent them around the globe. I believe, every logo design has a standard visual hierarchy and a creative concept that helps in brand recognition in the long run.

Dubai Monsters:  What type of software and tools do you use to design a creative graphic design?

Faisal:  With the advancement of technology everything is as simple as 123. Software and tools have made it easier to design and compose an eye-appealing design. Back then, when we weren’t that advanced digitally, designers had to manually cut paste everything on a 2D plane.  Now with everything digitalized, it is comparatively easier.

There are a few internationally renowned software for illustrating, crafting and designing. I would recommend Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for designing and illustrating respectively for newbies. Remember whatever you do, stick to your roots and ensure creativity.

Dubai Monsters:  What is your branding approach while designing a logo for a company? What drives you to illustrate an outstanding corporate brand identity?

Faisal:  Usually, people misconceive the term branding. Branding isn’t an overnight job; it requires hard work, good amount of time and investment. What drives branding is its strategy that powers it core and lift off a successful campaign. For example, the team Dubai Monsters created a visual identity for Dubai Porcelain and that visual strategy gave an immense boost to Dubai Porcelain branding and do you know why? Because we had an idea, a strategy, a plan behind it.

A few clients like Dubai Porcelain and Green Stone Equity gave me full freedom to come up with my own unique ideas and creative thoughts. This creative liberty is the hidden secret behind the inspiring design of Dubai Porcelain.

Dubai Monsters:  What fascinates you more and how do you incorporate things into your designs?

Faisal:  The 80’s Flat and Retro designs are back again. They are trending not only in online platforms but in many other industries. Let’s take an example of our client Dubai Porcelain, we incorporated silk gold with Arabic culture and tradition in their website design. It was more like a modern-traditional fusion.

Dubai Monsters:  Tell us about your passion?

Faisal:  Photography is my passion. Here are some of my favorite shots.





Dubai Monsters:  What is the best piece of advice you would like to give to newbies in the industry?

Faisal: Be patient and work hard. The designing field is a more or less like a diamond as an end product, but what newbies should understand is the prominence and sparkling shine requires a lot of efforts, hard work and patience. Just like a diamond before its final shape is crafted to perfection with ultimate precision and patience, a graphic designer should stay patient in whatever he carves out, stay focused and committed to his passion.

Dubai Monsters: Thank you Faisal, it was great knowing you.

Faisal: Thanks much for the interview. I would especially like to thanks everybody that has ever helped me out along this way.

Irfan Ak
Irfan Ak
He is currently associated with Dubai Monsters which is an independent web design agency specialized in web designing, corporate branding, and custom logo design services.