List of top IT companies in Dubai, UAE

Revolutionizing the industry by turning on Tomorrow – List of top IT companies in Dubai, UAE

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Revolutionizing the industry by turning on Tomorrow – List of top IT companies in Dubai, UAE

Once an oil-based economy, the United Arab Emirates has now changed and overhauled itself to an economy that is not only diverse but also has a growing technology sector. Yes, the country is a leading name in technological innovations, and multi-million dollar companies growing at a fast pace.

Apart from creating jobs in mainland UAE, these firms have invested in numerous developed and developing countries, and have also taken a step forward in the creation of innovative products and services.

What could be the success factor leading to Dubai becoming a technology hub?

There is hardly any debate contesting Dubai’s emerging as the tech capital of the Middle East and a leader in social and economic development. Now it is on the path to becoming one of the fastest-growing metropolitan economies in all of the Middle East and North Africa  (MENA) Region, Asia, and the World too.

It is with thanks to both ruling Al Nahyan and Al Maktoum families who lead both the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai respectively. They have taken the initial steps for progressive policies regarding socioeconomic and human development. 

They also took the steps which were needed to help spur the growth of the knowledge and technology economy. Numerous Emirati startups have also started producing phones and tablets in factories across Africa and other developing regions. It is now rivaling cities like Tokyo, London, San Jose, Bangalore, and New York.

Apart from Oracle, Microsoft, and Google having offices in Dubai, other companies like Talabat, Fetchr, and Careem are among many to call Dubai their home. 

One of the best initiatives taken by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the Dubai StartUp Hub. The latter has been instrumental in forming strong technological companies, products, and services. Investors, incubators, and other shareholders are members of the Dubai Startup Hub and have taken the necessary steps to expand business and collaboration opportunities.

Top software and IT services companies in Dubai worth looking out for

One of the best things about Dubai’s prominence in the overall technology industry is not just the competition it has created, but also reducing its dependency on revenues from petroleum and helping other economies develop a robust technology industry and sector. Let us now look at some of the best tech companies in Dubai:

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.’s (CiS) mission is empowering and amplifying the lives of users and businesses alike via sincere and robust technology solutions. The company’s services are created to help take businesses to the next level by reducing technological gaps. Hence their track record has turned their clients into business partners and their talent pool is among the best in the industry.

Having more than 12 years of experience in the industry, CiS Inc. has the expertise to help companies with their technological requirements. It is among the best software companies in Dubai thanks to its consistent record in delivering top-notch and highly optimized technological solutions and services across a wide range of industries.

Among the best IT services companies in UAE, CiS Inc. offers application development, open source development, mobile apps development, analytics and intelligence for businesses, business process development, implementation of cloud infrastructure implementation, front-end design, and digital marketing.


CodeBright is among the brightest software companies in Dubai, thanks to its motto of improving the world through technology. It works with startups, small, medium, and large enterprises as well as not-for-profit companies to help bring Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to the market. 

The company also strives to improve, automate and even streamline business processes, improving productivity and efficiency as well as cost optimization and solving numerous business challenges. Also, it has performed integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software into numerous companies. 

CodeBright is also working on numerous projects of big data and utilizing Artificial Intelligence for solving complex and expensive issues in the business world. The industry sectors the company serves are Manufacturing, Travel, Leisure, Healthcare, Legal Services, Education, Transportation, and Logistics.

Xerox Emirates LLC

Xerox Emirates LLC (XEM) is a joint venture of Xerox Corporation and the Emirati company Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group. The company’s portfolio has a diverse array of products and services, especially digital printing systems, laser and solid ink network printers, digital presses along with multifunctional devices.

The company always takes into consideration from a fresh perspective, the way their clients work, utilize technology, and share information. The company creates tailored solutions that are efficient, secure, and cost-optimized.

Being among the largest tech companies in Dubai, Xerox Emirates LLC takes a tactical approach when it comes to device and peripheral security. The company portfolio includes intrusion prevention, device detection, document, and data protection solutions. It even maintains robust external partnerships with renowned regional security vendors.

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are working on servers that have top-notch security features for cloud server technology. (formally known as Amazon AE)

Once known as, Amazon AE is the Arab world’s largest online commerce platform. It was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Amazon Inc. was acquired as a subsidiary on March 28, 2017, for USD$ 580 million.

Consequently, after Amazon’s acquisition, became on May 1, 2019, Souq KSA became on June 17, 2020, and Souq Egypt became known as on September 1, 2021. has sold more than 15.3 million items across 36 categories as of March 2020, notability in consumer electronics, household goods, children’s items, and fashion, health & beauty. It also received almost 76 million visits each month.

It ranks among the Arab World’s largest eCommerce platforms and is often known as the Middle East’s Amazon (in part due to its brand name). It has broken several records in the Arab states and won accolades among the top ten IT services companies in UAE.

IBM Middle East

IBM Middle East is a subsidiary of the American giant International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). It is a leading computer manufacturing firm and also a leading provider of information technology (IT) services. Its main headquarters are in Armonk, NY, USA.

The company in 1911 began when three small companies made punch-card tabulation machines and other office products and decided to create the Computing-Tabulating-Recording (CTR) company through a merger. It later became known as IBM. 

Now the company is a well-known and reliable multinational information technology company. It employs over 275,000 people across various regions and earns a revenue of USD$ 5.735 billion. Its Middle Eastern subsidiary is based in Dubai, UAE, and ranks among the best tech companies in Dubai.

FME Extensions

Known to be one of the best Magento development companies in the Middle East, FME extensions has been able to produce top-notch products and extensions related to Magento. Based in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis, it has become a well-known IT company in Dubai in the field of Magento, web design, and web development.

The company offers the following services:

  • Custom Magento websites and plugins.
  • Web design and development.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Digital Brand Management.
  • eCommerce store and site development.

Unified Infotech

An award-winning technology company working with multiple large enterprises, Small and medium-sized businesses, and forward-thinking startups, Unified Infotech is an end-to-end technology company partnering with clientele to create customized software, and tailored web and mobile apps.

Via a combination of smart planning, a practical thinking approach, and using the latest technologies, the company aims to improve the business efficiency of clientele.

The company was established in 2010. Ever since then, it is committed to achieving and pushing performance limits to optimum levels at all times. Among the services it offers are web design, web development, scalable mobile applications, and SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms.

Unified Infotech has offices in Kolkata, Dubai, and New York City delivering end-to-end solutions and becoming renowned as one of the best tech companies in Dubai.


Dubai was once a small fishing village surrounded by dunes of sand, which grew gradually after the discovery of oil. Today, it is a bustling metropolis and an economic powerhouse, with a wide array of companies across various industrial and business sectors.

The technology industry of both Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have evolved, and have been able to transform the MENA region into an economic powerhouse, and a regional technology hub. They will continue to evolve and improve in all facets in the years to come.

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