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Little-Known Contact Page Hacks to Convert Visitors into Customers

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October 26, 2016
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Take a Journey Through Exquisite Typography in Website Design
October 26, 2016
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October 31, 2016
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Little-Known Contact Page Hacks to Convert Visitors into Customers

A contact form on most websites seems like a stick figure that is just there, like it’s the most mundane elements, ever! Even though it is quite an important component for conversions, it is, most of the times, ignored by marketers.

To be honest, not many people give a lot of attention to it and believe that its secondary. But if you create a new, and exciting one (that will be discussed as you go further) and conduct A/B Testing, it will all come to you – the difference a single element on your website can create. Such is the power of a contact form, or a dedicated contact page.

A contact page on the website has the influential power to transform visitors into customers. It may not be too high a percentage when you do it at the beginning, but it will start lifting the results from there only.


It is because having people contact you is the most valuable thing that a marketer can get them into. You need to make it easy for them to do so and even make it better but making the page more attractive, at least. These could your warm leads, if not anything else. Getting these warm leads into a funnel is everything!

Regardless of the boredom it brings about, contact page needs to be transformed into something inspirational that will secure conversions for it is the process that takes the visitors through.

Here’s what you need to do when designing contact pages that promises conversions.

Multi-step forms

Sometimes we need a lot of information from the customer! That would mean adding too many fields. But then we also need to shorten it up to make things short and sweet. So, we feel like chopping off a few fields as it might be affecting conversions.

What you really need to do in such circumstance is to add a multi-step contact page. Landing pages are mostly created with this idea to break down longer forms into something that is bearable.

So, the landing page may just have a few fields that require the most vital information. As soon as you press the “Submit” button, you are taken to a different page that requires tad bit of more information. Although, it is more information than just the basic, vital bits and pieces of it but once broken down like this, visitor feels they are simply making short submissions that aren’t time-consuming.

Trust building

When someone commits to visit your website, and they do, they have taken out precious time out of the day to spend it on your website. They always have a problem or a query that has led them to your website. When they are convinced, they head to the contact page to engage.

Once they do interact, there are fields that ask for a lot of personal information which creates friction. If you really want them to trust you, avoid asking for any such information that may be unnecessary or will not be of any use to you but it’s just there because you saw it on several other reference pages that you used as reference. If you do need to ask about any of their personal information, state the purpose in the form. Also, tell them that it will be kept private. Another way of making a lasting impression would be to add certifications, affiliations, awards or any other membership badges as trust indicators.

Important information

If there is no need for a particular piece of information, then don’t ask for it. If you stick to the information that is relevant to your need and the need of the customer, your conversions will positively escalate. It is because today’s visitors are smarter than ever. They know exactly what kind of information will be relevant and hence figure out quickly when it’s not. Frustrated, they abandon when latter is the matter.

So, avoid asking for an age unless you need it, or perhaps a telephone number if you are never going to call them. With most websites, they have stopped asking about the targeted geographic data already. It’s about time you did that too. If you don’t need that, then don’t put it there.

Responsive page

A responsive page is a real winner today because most of the people are not browsing the Internet by desktop computers anymore. They use smartphones and tablets and other devices. If your website isn’t functional in the same manner on a mobile as it is on a desktop, then perhaps such a website will be a failure.

So, we all understand that, great! But regardless, there are websites who don’t optimize their contact pages for a responsive design. Doing so eliminates a major chunk of the audience from reaching out to you. They will leave and never return, for switching to your competitor would be easier than reaching a desktop computer for a mere contact information. Before that happens, include your contact page when going responsive.

Minimal design

Designing a contact page should require equal hard work as any other page on the website. Service-based businesses today are streamlining the overall contact process so beautifully than they reduce a great deal of friction when they switch from a traditional contact page to the one that has the most relevant information.

Shorten the forms to virtually eliminate the friction and make effective use of negative space whenever you can. Adding a drop-down menu is another element that you can use for a better contact form. However, if you use too many, it will negatively affect conversion rates.

In line with brand

A website is like a virtual branded experience that you are providing to the visitor. If your contact page is not up to the mark or is ruining the overall appearance of the website, then it is a real blemish. It needs fixing right away and that too in a way that it is right in line with the brand and doesn’t look any different than the rest of the lively experience that your website is providing.

You may want to be precise that doesn’t mean that you skip the fields that mean business. Just reduce friction by giving your contact page the same feel as your brand and remember to reduce friction by breaking the information into segments.

Work on CTA

Calls to action are critical to success for any business. You can never have too many lessons on how to create a perfect CTA. It is because of the conversion power of these epic buttons.

Use the right words, in other words, be more humane than robotic. For instance, “Click here” is widely used but if you use the word “Go”, you will notice a significant difference. Also, colors matter. Give the button a 3D touch with a color that is vibrant and bold as to differentiate it from the rest of the page to make it look persuasive enough to click.

Despite of all the things that you do, just remember to test it all. Also, if you have any crazier ideas to make your contact page rock, don’t forget to experiment.

In the end, just make your contact form an interactive experience for the visitor!



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