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How These 7 Logo Design Inspirations Can Do Wonders

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A picture speaks a thousand words, and that is true to certain extent especially when it comes to logo design. A well-designed logo design can effectively use a simple symbol, color or font to leave a deep impression for the audience. Most brand logos convey ideas to audience, for instance the type and quality of services or products your business offers. A unique logo design is always a plus point for a brand that wants to convert first-time visitors to returning customers.

Since there is no perfect recipe of an epic logo design, but adding some elements can make the logo effective and impressionable. Generally, creatively designed logos with a unique message are more likely to stand out. However, it doesn’t mean at all that a logo design must be elaborated. A simple logo with an innovative use of fonts and colors can be as intuitive and fascinating as an aesthetically appealing logo.

What makes a logo unique and intriguing? If you are a professional logo designer, then you surely know the answer. If you have just got another logo design project, then surely you are waiting for some logo design inspirations to hit. Obviously, you are really expecting to come up with an elegant logo design idea to pop up in your mind.

It is advised to look for some logo design inspirations, if you allow a myriad of ideas collide inside your mind, gradually they should merge into the logo you are looking for. The secret is to knowing where to look for the inspiration in the first place.

Don’t simply look at some hottest logo design trends, otherwise you’ll end up with something plagiarist. Instead, look at some logo designs of small businesses and individuals. Whenever you see a design that stands out, file that thought, try to take inspiration from this idea in your new logo design evolution process.

Here are a few suggestions where you might seek out elegant logo design inspirations that you can use while working on your next logo design project.

1. Let the Ideas Flow

Sometimes you overthink everything but end up getting nowhere. Instead of overthinking, let your creativity spark with a random thought or doodling. You might end up with a lot of pointless scribbles, but a point comes when you spot something that starts off that essential spark of elegant logo design inspiration.

2. Visit Online Logo Design Sites

If you are professional logo designer, then you are probably familiar with all the famous logo design galleries and design sites. You can visit some popular design sites for logo design inspiration or widen your research or got to websites that you haven’t seen before. Moreover, you can narrow your research by simply focusing on logos in the same industry or businesses of same size, values and mission.

3. Explore Your Client’s Business Mission

If you are designing a logo for a startup, discuss their plans for future, what are their business objectives, missions, values. What message they do want to convey with this branding piece. Are there any advancements or changes of direction forthcoming? Or are there any new products or services coming on stream that could have affect your logo design in future. You need to future proof the business logos, because brands do change over time.

4. Organize Your Thoughts

Organize your thoughts into something more logical and clear. Use your mind-mapping techniques, as it will help you straighten out your random thoughts and mix up different images and ideas. You can play with different keyword phrases and collect an array of elegant logo design inspirations from a number of resources onto a single mood board to check how they combine and look.   

5. Search Through Your Previous Ideas

Almost every logo design team comes up with a number of design sketches prior to decide which one is better and evolve further. Never throw away these amazing initial ideas, as they can serve as a valuable resource. Just because one of your early drafts didn’t work for another client, it doesn’t mean they are useless and doesn’t work at all. Search through what you have done before and you will probably find dozens of sketches and with a bit of some changes, you could come up with a logo you are looking for.

6. Get Your Creativity Juice Flowing

Believe it or not, logo design inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime. So, be receptive to the ideas that comes into your mind. Sketch something immediately as it comes to your mind and then revisit it later to check how it might look within the standards and requirements defined in your brief. At the early stage of the logo design process all you need to allow your creativity full rein. Get your creativity juice flowing, work with all the ideas that come to your mind and then take the best elements from each and throw away the rest.

7. Take a Break

If you have tried all the above listed techniques and simply nothing come up with, don’t worry. Take a break, relax and let your mind get on with things. Go to an evening walk with a friend, watch your favorite movie, cook your favorite food, or just do whatever you want to do. You won’t believe sometimes getting away from the problem at hand and thinking about something else can greatly result in a sudden and the right type of inspiration that you are aiming to achieve.

Final Words

There is no point waiting for elegant logo design inspirations to strike. The more you search them out, the easier and quicker you’ll find them. All you need to keep an eye on what works best and what doesn’t and how you can incorporate ideas into your own emerging design. So, when it comes to logo design inspiration, it’s all out there. Just go ahead and come up with the perfect logo design.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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