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How Mobile Apps Can Boost Conversions and Sales [Infographics]

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How Mobile Apps Can Boost Conversions and Sales [Infographics]

In today’s mobile obsessed world, it is no wonder that mobile commerce is new order. Approximately more than half of all ecommerce traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. According to recent stats, more than 89% of mobile browsing is via mobile apps instead of business websites. In fact, 33% of users prefer a mobile app over a mobile optimized website when they have an option. If truth be told, mobile apps ate the fastest growing trend in digital industry that is helping online businesses to get more sales.

But how mobile apps are so successful in driving more traffic, conversions and ultimately sales.


Mobile apps are built on latest technology that helps them load much faster than a mobile optimized site. With lower dependency on the network speed, millennial shoppers are instantly satisfied with a loaded screen instead of waiting for too long. A 1 second delay in page load time can drop the conversion rate by 7%.

Ease of Use

Mobile apps are easy to use and provide seamless shopping experience. Voice search, barcode scanning and a lot of other features are accessible through mobile apps. In addition, it plays a great role in reducing efforts and providing a great shopping experience.

Payment Options

Single click shopping increases the chances of purchase and removes any hesitation in the shopper’s mind about security concerns. Google Wallet and iPay are easy payment methods that allow shoppers to checkout via one click, thereby increasing conversions and sales rate tremendously.

Push Notifications

It is one of the most important tools to increase customer loyalty and customer retention. Push notifications allows businesses to send updates to their customer’s mobile phones via personalized messages in order to reduce abandonment of carts. Approximately, 70% of abandoned carts can be recovered and converted to purchases by simply sending push notifications to customers.

On the Go

Unlike desktops, shoppers carry mobile devices everywhere. There are millions of shoppers who will find something online and immediately purchase it from their smartphones.

Mobile apps have now become the must-have feature to increase sales and conversions. In order to make the mobile site more mobile-friendly, you need to optimize conversions, there are a lot of things you can do to optimize for mobile conversions. Here is an infographic that will clearly explain how mobile apps and mobile friendly websites can increase conversions.

Mobile apps

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