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What Are The Most Important WordPress Plugins in 2022?

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What Are The Most Important WordPress Plugins in 2022?

Everyone is aware of what WordPress is and how it has positioned itself as one of the best content management systems (CMSs) present. It powers around 40% of the world’s internet. One of the biggest reasons for such is the wide array of plug-ins available for adding more features to websites.

Among the many reasons are the wide variety of plugins available in WordPress’s official repository. This is able to cover almost each feature for any kind of website. Moreover, it is also possible to obtain premium WordPress plug-ins from third-party marketplaces, and companies can even make one by themselves.

Is It Difficult To Look For The Best WordPress Plugin?

Those who are looking to make the most of WordPress plugins and take their business to the next level should know that more than 59,000 WordPress plugins are available, and everyone can choose from them. Those who are new to it will find it overwhelming as they struggle to look for the right plugin for their website.

A lot of business owners, corporate executives and numerous other professionals often ask agencies and web development professionals about their suggestions for the best WordPress plug-in available for SEO, Social media backup, speed and the like.

Web development experts and experienced WordPress developers have tested a lot of WordPress plug-ins, both free and paid, each year. It is with due thanks to them that they have made it easy for numerous users to find the best solutions and the search for the must have WordPress plugin made easy as well.

Which Are The Best WordPress Plugins For 2022?

The right WordPress plug-in and tool can help businesses grow. Even the right set of plug-ins work too. Here in this post, web development and WordPress development experts have decided to share with us their picks for the best WordPress plug-ins. With so many present, they have decided to narrow down the list for ease of understanding and selection.


WP Forms SEO Plugin

Websites obviously have a contact form as it makes it easy for visitors to be in touch with them. This is why WPForms is best for WordPress websites needing a contact form, and the plug-in is user friendly.

It is like a drag & drop tool, which allows users to create contact forms with ease, create email subscription forms, online order form, surveys, payment forms, polls, surveys, and all other kinds of online forms with just a few clicks. This has more than 300 pre-made templates to make life easier.

What WPForms does is that it integrates itself with all well-known payment and marketing platforms. This helps businesses and professionals build powerful forms in less than a few minutes.

It comes with numerous robust features that simply do not exist in other form builders, especially conversational forms, form landing pages, user journey tracking, Geo location tracking, form abandonment, GDPR friendliness, custom WordPress user registration with login forms and the like.

More than five million websites are using WPForms and they have maintained a rating 4.9 stars out of 5 consistently, for more than five years now. There is also a free WPForms Lite version available for those preferring a simple solution.

Those who are looking to grow their business should go for the Pro version as it has all the robust features needed to boost the lead generation efforts.


MosterInsights Plugin

MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plug-in for WordPress. It allows site owners to connect their website with Google Analytics nicely so it can be seen how people find and use the website.

The best thing about Monster insights is that all important and key statistics are displayed right on the WordPress dashboard. The website can then be optimized accordingly to raise the traffic, subscribers and revenue.

Like each plug-in, MonsterInsights has a free version. Yet the paid version has robust strength and power, especially when it comes to real time analytics and insights. Moreover, WordPress has detailed guides on installing Google Analytics in WordPress, using Analytics to enable eCommerce tracking and tracking user engagement as well. Over three million websites use MonsterInsights.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Email is known to be one of the most effective and reliable marketing tools marketing teams have at their disposal and for any business owner too. It allows them to stay in touch with users even after they have left the website. This is the very reason experts at WordPress recommend each business owner to start making an email list right away.

Constant Contact ranks among the most popular email marketing service providers in the world at the moment. Their platform also has a plug-in for WordPress which allows site and business owners to create an email list, and send the subscribers worthwhile email newsletters to their subscribers.

The plug-in offers a quick and easy setup for those who aren’t tech savvy. It also works quite well with other well-known lead generation plugins for WordPress such as OptinMonster and WPForms.

What Are The Best SEO WordPress Plugins?

Here are the best and top five plugins which are best for SEO professionals to use with WordPress websites. Each of them will be discussed briefly:

All in one SEO (AIOSEO)

All in One SEO Plugin

AIOSEO ranks as one of the most comprehensive SEO tool-kits for WordPress and among the top WordPress plugins too. SEO matters quite a lot because not only does it complement and supplement digital marketing strategies, but also helps promote and optimize content, so someone can see the website in the first place.

SEO aids the way people find a website. AIOSEO helps marketers and SEO professionals write worthwhile tiles, write proper meta descriptions, make the needed alt tags, and the like. This will help content reach the top of the search results page. More than three million professionals utilize this plug-in.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Its link assistant helps marketers manage internal and external links.
  • The redirection manager helps prevent users and search engines from getting lost whenever they shift or delete content.
  • The rich snippets schema helps digital marketers obtain more rich snippets, especially reviews, top products, stories and the like.
  • The SEO Audit Checklist helps identify critical SEO errors, and provides suggestions for improvement quickly.
  • The TruSEO On-Page analysis gives SEO professionals a worthwhile SEO checklist for each post and page.

Without a doubt, AIOSEO is robust and easy to use. The reasons being are that:

  • It has an automated setup wizard to help marketers choose SEO settings for the business. Yet they will still receive customized and actionable suggestions for each web page.
  • The TruSEO score gives real time updates as marketers make changes so outcomes can be observed immediately.

Just like most WordPress plugins, a lite version of AIOSEO is available without a cost.


SEO Plugin - RankMath

RankMath is a new entrant in the universe of SEO plugins for WordPress. Then again it has made its mark quite quickly. This plug-in basically introduces a process based on a game, to help SEO professionals optimize their content for search engines. Each post is ranked on a scale of 0 to 100, based on the level of optimization.

Other than that, the plug-in comes in with a built-in SEO module that can be turned on and off based on the specific needs of digital marketers. Also, the plug-in can integrate the website with the search console, help them with local SEO, WooCommerce SEO, Image SEO and the like. It has a free version and a Pro Version, whose pricing starts from USD$ 59 annually.


SEO Plugin OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the top-notch WordPress plug-in for growing the email list, for leads and for sales as well. Whether marketers wish to convert abandoning visitors into customers, increase the page views, raise conversions and the like, then OptinMonster is their go-to plug-in.

The plug-in has a drag and drop builder, the proprietary Exit-intent technology as well as precise targeting, which are unbeatable in the truest sense. OptinMonster always has a solution for everybody.

Here are some of its salient features:

  • There are six opt-in campaign types which help marketers match their type of campaign to their objectives, with pop-ups, gloating bards, slide-in, inline, full-screen and gamified.
  • Campaign triggers exhibit the campaigns at the right time via the Exit-Intent technology, the scroll trigger, MonsterLinks, Inactivity Sensor, Display control with timers, Campaign scheduling and the like.
  • The targeted campaigns module helps SEO professionals find the right audience for their campaigns with the help of the referrer detection, page-level targeting, On Site Follow Up Campaigns, On Site Re-targeting (both are proprietary technologies), Geo location targeting, cookie re-targeting, device based re-targeting and AdBlock detection too.
  • The drag and drop builder helps marketers get their campaign ready in a matter of minutes.
  • Seamless integrations help connect the campaigns with the needed marketing and sales tools already being used.

OptinMonster provides some of the best support via email and through live chat support too. It is as user friendly as AIOSEO but OptinMonster has more powerful features than it. Marketers can start immediately and then refine their campaigns as the business grows.

Moreover, the plug-in comes with additional rules targeting WordPress websites and allows marketers to show the campaigns to the right kind of people. The lite version of OptinMonster is present on the WordPress directory of plugins.


One of the most popular WordPress plugins for SEO and other tasks overall, Yoast SEO is currently listed on more than 5 million WordPress websites.

Without a doubt, this plug in is much easier to use than Rank math. It comes in as a nicely preconfigured plugin and works on the basis of showing marketers a simple list of recommendations for keywords based on robust SEO factors, which digital marketers wish to target. It even recommends ways to craft the page title, meta description and other elements.

The plug-in has both a Free version and Pro version (pricing for it begins from USD$ per each website).


SEO Plugin

With active installations of more than one million, Redirection is an essential plugin for WordPress which no SEO professional should overlook. It allows them to create great redirects for error 301 (redirecting a user from URL A to URL B).

Each time they modify or remove a part of content (modifying the structure of the permalinks, for instance), A redirect for 301 should be conducted so it can be reported to search engines, and saving the SEO settings is key to its functioning too.

The plug-in is free and easy to use, and it functions without professionals having to modify a single line of code. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Making various kinds of redirects.
  • Managing the various 404 errors occurring on the website.
  • Importing or exporting redirects.
  • Making groups to organize them.


What is fascinating to note is that the list of plug-ins for WordPress is endless. Meaning, there are more than 1,000 plugins for use on WordPress across a wide array of functional areas. We hope that our post will be helpful as we helped list some of the best WordPress plugins for general usage and for SEO purposes as well.

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