Online Payment Gateway for your Startup in UAE-

Need an Online Payment Gateway for your Startup in UAE? Here are the Best Options.

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Need an Online Payment Gateway for your Startup in UAE? Here are the Best Options.

Most Secured Payment Gateway in UAE

If you’re starting your business in UAE, one thing you need to worry about is payment gateway in UAE. The aspect of ‘how to collect payments’, is the most crucial part of any e-commerce business.

Despite its seeming simplicity,offering cash on goods delivery is one of the riskiest payment options. Not offering a reliable delivery mechanism can further aggravate the situation, as the chances of purchase rejection are higher in certain industries and products. Furthermore, sellers need to factor in the logistics & delivery costs they will incur even if a buyer refuses to accept the delivery of their purchase.

On the other hand, collecting payments in advance allows a seller to ascertain whether a customer is really intending to purchase the goods, which in turn reduces the chances of their return. However, if you want to ensure the success of your e-commerce business, it is important that you convert potential leads in to recurring customers, which is only possible if you have a viable payment gateway in place, which can serve to cement the trust of buyers in your website.

There are a number of top-notch and reliable payment gateway providers, operating in the UAE & worldwide, and they are able to facilitate payment collection by means of credit cards. The most influential ones are listed below:


payfort_logo_ payment gateway uae

Payfort is one of the most reputed payment solutions in the eCommerce industry. It has become quite popular among small business owners and budding Entrepreneurs. The monthly fee is around AED 280 with a zero-setup cost. Per transaction rate amounts to 2.8%, and AED 1.00 needs to be paid additionally as a transaction fee. Those who are concerned about its level of security can pay an additional monthly fee of AED 35, with a setup fee of around AED 135, to be able to detect any fraudulent activities in the payment system.


telr-logo-payment gateways in uae

For a hassle-free one-stop solution to all your needs, you can opt for Telr, a payment gateway service in UAE that equips you with all the quintessential elements that are necessary to run an eCommerce business. To start off, simply visit their website and create your account.

Once you submit the online form and all the necessary documentation, you are good to go. For pricing, you can check the pricing plans that are tailored according to the requirements or the needs of the client.


No, do not confuse this with ‘2checkout’ which is entirely a different company. Checkout kicked off in UK and expanded to the Middle East region, offering secured payment gateway services in UAE. One of the best features of this payment solution is the ‘how-to guide’, which is quite simple to setup. The support page is user-friendly, and even the transaction rates are minimal. With a transaction fee of AED 0.75 to 2.75% of the total amount, this is the favorite choice of young Entrepreneurs who are starting their business in UAE. You just need to pay a one-time setup fee of $500, and you’re ready to rock your venture.


2checkout-banner-payment gateway-uae acts as a product and payment vendor rather than just a one-way payment gateway provider. The setup cost is around $49 with a high transaction percentage of 5.5%. Plus, you will be bombarded with an additional fix fee down the road that can eat up most of your profit. This payment gateway specifically works for those who are security conscious about their payments. Security is the ultimate USP of 2checkout as it protects and keenly monitors all the payments that go through the customers to the company. Any hints of a suspicious activity, and you will be notified at once.


paypal-payment - gateways -Paypal is the most secure payment gateway solution, that doesn’t even solicit any additional setup cost to host your payments in UAE. But the only drawback of this vendor is that it doesn’t support AED currency and you don’t have the option to open up a bank account in UAE and transfer your money to that account. Alternatively, you can use your VISA card. This will allow you to transfer a limited amount of money (no more than $500 for a fixed fee of $5) to your card and withdraw your funds from ATM. The limit can increase up to $2500, with the fee change to 0.25 percent.

Wrapping it up

To start an e-commerce business is easy; to keep it up and running is the real art. Apart from all the prerequisites that are required to run an eCommerce venture, you need to take care of the payments as well. Ensure that the payments are collected properly and on-time.  The above-mentioned companies are not only secured but also well-known in the eCommerce sector. Make sure you use these in your next startup in UAE.


If you are starting your business in UAE, feel free to contact us and we will get your website done in no time!

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