7 New Ways You Can Try On Social Media to Steal the Limelight Today -

7 New Ways You Can Try On Social Media to Steal the Limelight Today

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7 New Ways You Can Try On Social Media to Steal the Limelight Today

Be it Facebook’s incessant stream of algorithm overhauls, Twitter’s move to expand its character limit, Linkedin implementing lead generation forms on ads, or Instagram rolling out a “paid partnership with” tag, one thing is for certain: the social media landscape is on an uphill journey. This forces businesses and social media marketing agencies to change their social media strategy. Factor in the ever-soaring competition and you have a tough nut to crack to make your brand stand out from the crowd. This article aspires to uncover new ways you can use to grab the attention of your social media audience, despite the competition.

1.    Dish Out Video Content with ‘Watch’

Have you heard whispered rumors about ‘Watch’? It is a burgeoning platform which allows businesses to host TV shows on Facebook. Taking a page out of NetFlix book, Watch helps brands target users based on their interest, as it shows videos that users have displayed a predilection for, or videos that their friends are watching. This will not only extend your reach beyond your fan base but also keep your existing fan based engaged as well. The only caveat is that this feature is currently only available in the US, but is bound to be made globally available very soon.

2.    Go Live With Influencers

The Live video feature has won the hearts of social media aficionados all over the world; so much so, that every social media platform is jumping on the live video bandwagon. The latest addition to this list is Instagram, which introduced a new feature that lets you go live with a guest in a split screen format. The added advantage is that if your broadcast gets a higher engagement, it can easily be searched through Instagram search and end up in the explore tab as well, making it a win-win situation for brands. Businesses can also invite influencers to co-host a live video with them on Instagram.

3.    Create Custom Snapchat Lenses for Your Brand

Snapchat lenses are a huge hit with Snapchat users, but what if you can create your own tailored, AR lenses for your brand? Well, it’s not a far-fetched dream anymore with Snapchat’s own Lens Studio. With easy to follow instructions, you can instantaneously start creating 2D animations.More advanced users can get their hands on the API and even conjure up intricate contraptions. Once fashioned, you can easily share your lens with anyone through a special code. Ask your creative team to play around with the Lens Studio and they will come up with some exciting Snapchat lenses, which you can use for your next social media marketing campaign.

4.    Use Story Highlights for Your Best Content

Instagram Story Highlights is a great way to let your best content bask in the glare of publicity. With this feature, you can post your best Instagram stories permanently on your Instagram profile. Brands can use this feature to great avail,as they can save, repost, or even track the long-term performance of their best Instagram stories. There are tons of customization options available as well, so that you can make it look any way that you want. You can control the sequence and make users see what you want them to see, thanks to Instagram Stories Highlights.

5.    Get Creative with Your Tweets and Direct Messages

With Twitter doubling its character limit to 280 from 140, you have never been given a better chance to express yourself with your tweets. This also allows you a little more legroom to be as creative as you want, andfabricateTweets that you were previously unable to create with only 140 characters at your disposal. Brainstorm and share interesting images and videos, with the help of theDirect Message Cards, feature on Twitter, and that too with a customized call to action. With the added flexibility and freedom afforded them, brands can deliver a much more personalized user experience to their users on Twitter. By taking a visual approach to messages, your brand can also get higher engagement and better customer interaction.

6.    Get Your Feet wet with Product Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. It can be worth a whole lot more if you get creative with it. Pinterest Visual Discovery tools let you do exactly that. One of the best tools in this regard is ‘Lens your Look’, which lets you take photos of your favorite objects and compare them with similar photos present on your Pinterest platform. For instance, if anyone takes a picture of an item that they fancy, and your business is also selling that same article, your photo will pop up and there are bright chances that they will buy from you. Even though this feature currently works for only the food, home décor and clothing niches, Pinterest has promised to make this amazing feature broadly available for businesses of all natures.

7.    Educate With LinkedIn Video

One social media platform that is slowly and steadily climbing to the top of the echelon is LinkedIn. Brands can leverage LinkedIn for myriad purposes, and one of them is to educate their audience. Yes, you read that right! LinkedIn videos let you create, share and analyze response from your audience gleaned on your videos. If your brand specializes in a particular domain, why not share your expertise with your audience through a LinkedIn video. This goes a long way towards enhancing your brand image and establishing your business as an authority in your particular domain. You can also ask thought leaders for an interview, videotape it, and upload it to LinkedIn for all and sundry to benefit from.


Social media is getting extremely cluttered and if you want the best results out of it, you will have to do something out of the blue, poles apart from what everyone else is doing. Experiment with some of the aforementioned new ways on social media to make your brand stand out and steal the show.

What ways are you currently using to grab the attention of your audience on social media? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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