8 Stellar Newsletter Design Tips for Small Businesses to Boost Engagement

8 Stellar Newsletter Design Tips for Small Businesses to Boost Engagement

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8 Stellar Newsletter Design Tips for Small Businesses to Boost Engagement

Every year since 1994, Warren Buffett writes a letter with insight into the business world. These letters are basically for the shareholders of his company, Berkshire Hathaway, and are considered a treasure trove of knowledge about what businesses can expect in the years to come. His letters are hotly anticipated as industry pundits term it as the guideline and a crystal ball about what to expect in the future.

The newsletters and emails sent by companies to their customers certainly don’t offer much of an impact like Buffett’s letter. But there’s nothing wrong with trying. Companies usually provide newsletters and emails to their customers to give information about their upcoming products or services. It can also be a snapshot of what happened in the industry and the company during a particular period and about their achievements.

Consumers get electronic newsletters in the form of email regularly. These newsletters can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly with some companies also opting for a daily newsletter too. Apart from the content, the design of the newsletter is also important so that it gets the attention of the reader.

  1. Tell a Story

Sharing your story with the audience can make a newsletter work. This is a powerful way to share your message, let them know what you can offer you in terms of a product or service.

A newsletter isn’t just an ordinary email. It is all about educating and engaging readers and a great way to lead readers to the concerned website. Coming up with an excellent design for a newsletter is not that easy as the thought process, and research can take time to excel. Go through the following tips to customize your newsletters with your target audience in mind.


  1. Subject Line

Starting from the subject of the newsletter, if it is a monthly letter, it can be “Newsletter for May 2020,” but that may not be enough. Not everyone will be interested in reading your email, thinking that it will have the same boring news about your company. You need to add something to the subject, like “Amazing Discount on the Upcoming Product” to get their attention.

The use of emojis and mobile-friendly subjects can also entice readers to open the email.


  1. Email Template

The email template for a newsletter should be chosen according to the target market and the content of the newsletter. Not any template will work, mind you. Check out the following template of Penguin Random House, a famous publisher.

Responsive email design templates are required, as most of the readers will probably open your email using a mobile device.

  1. Header, Footer and Layout

The header and footer section can be used to display important information. In the header, information about a product needs to be displayed aptly while the footer can be used for the contact information and other details.

A smooth and clear layout is required. Take a look at the newsletter of Penguin Publishers again. Information is in abundance here, but it doesn’t look like anything is forced. The use of images is also done aesthetically, which attracts attention above everything else.

Quick Email Marketing Stats from Hubspot

  • 99% of users check their emails daily.
  • 56% of the emails with an emoji has a higher open rate than those without.
  • 93% of B2B marketers use newsletters to share content.
  1. Information-Heavy Newsletters

The above example is about newsletters full of information in the form of text or pictures. The design of such newsletters should be taken care of as lots of text can make it boring. The use of a header image that is well-paced in the center or above the text can make it enjoyable to read.

  1. Welcome Email

The content of a welcome email is totally different from other newsletters. It is all about congratulating a person on selecting a particular product or service and what he can expect in the future. The content needs to be personal, and graphics also need to be customized according to the product chosen by the customer.


  1. Showcase Newsletters

Showcasing the latest content about a product or service is also another excellent example of making full use of a newsletter. It can also be information-heavy, but the emphasis is on a particular product, and it can be done through a single paragraph of text and a featured image.



  1. Analytics

After all the hard work, it is time for you to crunch the numbers. There are services like MailChimp, which can offer a wealth of data about how your subscribers are using your newsletter and what your chances are to get the result you need. Initially, the results may not be in your favor, but surely things will work out fine for you after you will roll out a few newsletters attracting the eyeballs in due process.


Final Word

There are a host of ways in which you can raise awareness about your newsletter so that maximum people are subscribed to it. You can use your social media accounts to encourage visitors on your page to sign up for your newsletter. Encourage people to offer you feedback about what they like about your newsletter and what aspect they would like to change or add the next time they receive it.

Think of a newsletter of a chance to make your current or potential customers closer to you by offering them interesting trivia and information about your product. Make them fall in love with your product with all the information you can provide in a fun way. Don’t stuff everything in one email; instead, raise the awareness by letting the design do the talking along with the text.

Your feedback for this blog will help us make it even better as we consider the input and suggestions of the readers valuable in this concern. You are welcome to ask any questions too. Just fill out the form below, and we will get back to you.


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