Online food delivery in Dubai: A remarkable growth opportunity for burgeoning Entrepreneurs -

Online food delivery in Dubai: A remarkable growth opportunity for burgeoning Entrepreneurs

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Online food delivery in Dubai: A remarkable growth opportunity for burgeoning Entrepreneurs

Online food delivery in Dubai

Want to delve in a piping hot gourmet feast but don’t want to leave the unbounded comforts of your couch and pajamas? Well, you don’t need a genie in a bottle to make it happen anymore!

In a study conducted by KPMG, it was concluded that more than 60% of users in Dubai have one or more food delivery apps installed in their smartphones, and around 50% use them to order online. The online food delivery in Dubai industry is gaining a lot of traction.

Over the past few years, the only time we used a smartphone for our gastronomical needs was limited to searching for the location of a restaurant and adding reviews about it.

food delivery in dubai

In a city bustling with activity and mayhem, the people of Dubai are living out rather hectic lives. Which is why, instead of having to venture far from home in the quest of a delicious meal, they prefer to look for restaurants that offer home delivery service via easy to use apps.

“The importance of food apps is really driving the [F&B] sector,” Anurag Bajpai, partner and head of retail at KPMG.

Old schoolers may frown and call them indolent, the scorching heat that marks the  better part of the year, coupled with a rat race that never ends, make people resort to ways that make their lives a wee bit easier.

Anurag further concluded that ‘word of mouth is still the no 1 influencer when it comes to ordering online.’

And with smartphones being a necessary commodity, apps are the primary medium of trust in online delivery methods.

Apart from providing convenience to customers, there is a huge window for startups and Entrepreneurs to establish a trustworthy reputation for their brands.

With the advent of cutting-edge technology, the on-demand food delivery is already possible, and the industry is moving forward to exceed customer expectations. Machine-learning and AI apps are becoming a mandate for the food delivery industry in Dubai and brands are competing against each other to offer fast service with optimized operations and superior customer experience.

Today, apps such as Zomato, Talabat, and Deliveroo are providing customers with the ability to peruse through an interminable list of menus, check out reviews for each eatery, views photos, place order, and track the delivery of their food with just a single click.

Food delivery has become a gamechanger in Dubai’s F&B market, given the growth of food apps and the fact that a large part of restaurant business comes from food apps and online portals.

Some Business Threatening Challenges

While you can solicit the help  of a professional mobile app development company to build a simple and intuitive app for your food business, there are some challenges which every Entrepreneur needs to consider before drowning themselves in a sea of unlimited opportunities.

  • The first key challenge which Entrepreneurs face with food delivery Dubai industry is to maintain the quality of food, which not only limits to training the restaurant staff but also the delivery riders to ensure that the patrons glean a memorable experience.
  • The second challenge which affects the quality of food is the speed of delivery. Nobody wants to pay for a soggy, cold pizza smelling of cardboard! In certain circumstances, if the rider is expecting a delay in delivery, customers need to be duly informed of the reason for the delay. This will establish trust among the customers.
  • Since most restaurant owners use third-party delivery services, it is important for startups to drill those third-party vendors in the know-how of their cuisines. If the rider may face a language barrier while delivering to a certain locality, care should be taken to educate the rider beforehand.
  • Mess-ups are quite common in every startup. But how brands handle those slip-ups make all the difference. One major reason that startups fail too early in their career is that they don’t’ learn what to do when things go out of control? Equip your people with a plan B. Do a brainstorming session and come up with various what-if solutions lest things go south.

The future of food delivery in Dubai is here. It allows customers to plan and order on the go, adapting to the changing habits of today’s shoppers. Restaurants are moving ahead to online channels, a trend which is projected to see continued growth in the food category.

The time is near when customers will expect all their meal orders to be made over apps and desire a speedy delivery service which can deliver their customized orders in record time.

To meet the demands of the customers and provide them with convenience, restaurants are collaborating with third-party services to gear-up their game and embed such options which aid customers in placing orders over the app. As is evident, the effects of technology on food delivery is to be a revolution with far-reaching significance.'
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