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Personalization in UX Design with Microinteractions [Infographic]

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Personalization in UX Design with Microinteractions [Infographic]

In web design industry, first impression is everything for users. This is the reason, web designers put their shoulder to the wheel to create a more valuable and interactive interfaces so that they will be able to keep people glued to a website for long. While considering the human-centered approach, web designers need to make sure that the interface is user friendly enough and provides a good experience.

The behavior of users and how they feel about a particular product matter most in UX. Even smaller details now require proper attention in web design. Microinteractions is the next big thing in UX design as they acknowledge users, guide them with the processes, and provide them with the necessary feedback, while making the interface more user-friendly and engaging.

If truth be told, microinteractions are incorporated everywhere in design world, whether it’s switching on and off any app, logging into your favorite app or even getting a weather update in a mobile app. They provide real-time feedback that makes the interface more interactive for the users, just because of these tiny details.

There are many web designers who overlook the importance of microinteractions, but believe me these small details are important for a positive user experience. Small things like knowing the downloading status, having a new notification, changing the setting can make a big difference in changing outlook towards the product. With the advent of AI and machine learning tools, designers are now able to get a greater hold into these small details and will be able to modify it further in future, they are the new frontier of web design.

This infographic shows how important these tinier interactions are and why your business should incorporate this web design trend for providing more personalized UX.   

personalization in UX design with microinteractions


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Saher Naseem
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