Give your Small Business a Head Start with an Offbeat Product Packaging Design

Give your Small Business a Head Start with an Offbeat Product Packaging Design

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Give your Small Business a Head Start with an Offbeat Product Packaging Design

Product packaging and its design may not sound exciting for companies, but it is crucial for their eventual success. Companies must believe that packaging design is a vital component of the brand itself as it plays a vital role in branding for any product, especially in the retail environment. An appealing design can obviously attract target audiences. Good packaging will also make your products pop on the shelves in a supermarket.

Through your packaging design, if you are not able to grab the attention of your audiences instantly, chances are, someone else will. Make your brand recognizable with this as you need to offer a new and unforgettable packaging and design that must linger in the mind of your potential customer. A highly appealing design can work wonders for your brand.

Think about a time when you were picking out a can of soft drink. Aren’t you drawn to the can with the most exciting label or design? That’s why a product’s packaging is a consumer’s first point of contact with a product. A snazzy new design and packaging may just be the answer to save a brand that is losing its market share or how to launch a product in a highly saturated market, like Dubai.

What are some of the questions businesses need to ask so that they can come up with good packaging for their products? Take a look at the questions below that you, as a business owner, need to answer before moving forward and finalizing your packaging design.

·         Type of container and how much space required to make a product fill it nicely?

·         What materials will allow maximum product freshness and protection?

·         Will the shape and size will allow for easy shipping of the product to retailers?

·         What will be the shelf life?

·         What’s needed to be covered like cautions to consumer, brand identity, etc.

·         Design considerations like colors, imagery and size. 

Design Drives Costs

For small businesses, it may not be feasible for them to spend much on packaging design. But packaging is one of the most critical elements for a successful launch of a new product. The costs can quickly add up and can be tough for most companies to sustain. The following can drive costs for design and materials for any product.

Materials: Traditional packaging materials include aluminum, glass, paperboard, and plastic. But now more eco-friendly packaging materials are also available, which are quite innovative too.

Design: After the development process, next comes the design phase. You need to find the best designers within your budget. Sometimes a startup firm may offer you design for a meager amount, but don’t be fooled by that. Get the samples of their work to ensure the quality will be up to your standards.

Other Factors: It is feasible to make trade-offs, such as factors like labor and production costs, but only if you are ready to pay the price. Design is one element you can’t compromise on by cutting costs.

How Can a Great-Looking Product Package Design Benefit a Company?

The use of graphics and visible outer design to make the packaging of a product look alluring is all about benefiting the companies in the long run. Creating something riveting and beautiful for your customers so that they would pick up your product just out of curiosity and purchase it requires a great deal of skill. So, any company must look for a design that can get them to their goal of attracting their potential customers.

Generic designs now no longer impress customers and prospects can’t make things perfect. Generic templates are a big no-no when you are looking for a new customer to fall in love with your product. Businesses must offer a unique design that is custom-built for that. But exactly how and what can constitute such a design is the million-dollar question.

The following are the top 3 factors in this concern that can undoubtedly offer you a design that is not just following current trends but will surely make things work for you.

1. The Packaging Should Scream Your Story

Through design, you need to tell a story about your product that they can instantly connect to. As your customers will unbox your product, they must get an experience out of the ordinary. The use of colors is one aspect, and the use of images that tell something more about your product is another. Design that can engage them rather than a run-of-the-mill image or layout that they see in every other product. Try to be innovative to win the heart of your potential customer.

2. A Retro Design

The use of a retro design or concept has been gaining popularity off late. Don’t think that just futuristic designs can get the attention of people. Going for black and white images, neon fonts and the use of models clothed in retro clothes and hairstyle is one way to turn heads for your product. Retro designs can get the attention of virtually age-groups as this is something not offered by the majority of businesses on their package design.

3. Maximalism

We look for a product that looks rich and has a sense of luxury attached to it. Think of deodorant for young adults, for example. Simple packaging for a deodorant will not create any buzz for a person looking at it. The use of bold and intense colors, graphics full of details, and large fonts are eye-catching as against designs that we usually see on the deodorant’s can. Offer your customer a high-end experience for a product that oozes oomph! If your product is A-class, then enclosing it in a B-class packaging doesn’t make sense.

Final Word

In 2020, there is no way you can get the customers you need through ordinary means. Product package design is one aspect that businesses need to take seriously; else, chances are less for them to make a mark. For this, you need to work with designers who can visualize package designs for you which are not just out of the world but have meaning and relate to the product and complement it well.

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