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Promote Your Brand Effectively – 7 Branding Tips for Web Marketers

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Promote Your Brand Effectively – 7 Branding Tips for Web Marketers

Almost every entrepreneur wants business prominence, but there is no magic trick that takes your business to the next level overnight. They keep trying and use every method to market their brands in a unique and attractive way just to get recognition.

What marketing tricks are exactly web marketers trying for branding their business? Or how do entrepreneurs do things differently to gain users’ attention? In this blog, I’m coming up with some pointers that will surely give you a clue about how you can market your brand in a different way.

1. Social Media Profiles

Social Media profiles

If you have a Twitter handle, Instagram account, Facebook profile or any other social media account, add them in your all marketing collaterals and promotional materials. Your potential clients would certainly want to take a look at your social media profiles to know about your business services before they think of buying your services. In case, if they don’t have your email id or phone number, they can always contact you through your social media channels.

2. Increase Your Brand Value

Promotional gifts are one of the best ways to increase your business value for targeted clients and customers. Corporate gifts can be in a form of business stationery, customized coffee mugs, customized t-shirt designs, calendars, key chains, USB flash, wall clocks and so and so forth. The gift options are infinite, but work effectively to make your brand memorable for your clients. Keep in mind to include your company’s logo design, social media profiles or contact details on the item. Every time the client use your product, it will be instantly reminded of your brand.

3. Go Viral with Vines


Videos are one of the best marketing tactics to promote your corporate brand or a business. But nowadays gifs and short videos are getting famous in social media world. You can create a six-second video using Vines for your target audience. By creating these six seconds videos you can convey your brand’s message to the users who have limited attention spans. Vines have a great potential to go viral throughout social media and you can easily reach out to your intended audience and gain a lot of following.

4. Have a Keen Eye on Your Rivals

Knowing your competitors helps you know whether you are moving on the right track or not. It is one of the effective tips for marketing your brand. Take a look at your competitors’ social media campaigns and other promotional activities carried out on media including banner advertising, TVCs and more. Come up with some interesting concepts that will help you stay ahead of the game. But don’t try to copy the plan as something that suits others business may not fit for your brand.

5. Creating an App for Your Business

Business App

When it comes to gaining brand’s visibility and marketing, creating an app is an option that really works. Developing a mobile app for your business can help users to buy your products or services while on the go. A mobile app in any case, will serve a worthwhile investment for branding as you can also earn leads through the app itself.

6. Holding Contests to Engage Your Audience

corporate IdentityEveryone wants to get prizes and discounts, right? Holding a contest must be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Social media accounts are the perfect places to host giveaways. Blogs are also a good idea for this. Offer your products as giveaways that will be effective in spreading the word when you launch a new product. Provide free product samples to your potential customers that work as an incentive for them to recall your business. This tactic of brand marketing will also get you a number of new followers.

7. Sponsor Local Events to Inform People about Your Brand

local events

No matter if your business is just a startup or internationally admired, you can make the most of the local events. For instance, if there is a local literature festival, corporate exhibition or a sports tournament, become a sponsor of that event. Take the event as an opportunity, distribute unique flyers and business brochures to educate people about your brand. By doing so, your brand will start getting visibility.

These are a few latest corporate branding tips that will help you promote your brand in an attractive way. If you are striving to increase your brand visibility, get in touch with us, we are a corporate branding agency in Dubai and will meet your corporate branding needs.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem (@SaherNaseemD) is a creative writer, blogger and a social media addict. Blog writing is her passion and she shares her knowledge and insights on the latest advancements, on-going trends and much more. Currently, she is working for Dubai Monsters - a leading web design company in Dubai that offers digital marketing solutions.

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