7 Valuable Tips to Quickly Master Sticker Designing for any Product

7 Valuable Tips to Quickly Master Sticker Designing for any Product

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7 Valuable Tips to Quickly Master Sticker Designing for any Product

From cars to window panes and laptops to smartphones, you will find stickers that resonate with a person’s interests and beliefs. Businesses worldwide use stickers as a way of marketing their products and services. It is a fun way to remind your target audience about a product and make your message stick to other people too.

Whether you are trying to sell your products or trying to help a company in this concern, learning about how to design stickers will make your cause easier. Stickers look amazing, and you can stick them on virtually any surface. Vinyl stickers, the most common one, is a versatile way to spread your message across and get the attention of your audience in an instant.

Designing the Stickers

The designing part of the stickers is the toughest. Because of the small size, you can’t use much text in it. That’s why through a picture, graphic, or emoji, you need to design your sticker so that it can work out well for you. For small businesses and startups, this is a cost-effective way to start your campaign but distributing stickers to your target audience.

Take a look at how to create a sticker with the following 7 valuable tips.

  1. Start with a Simple Idea

At first, don’t go overboard with the design. Telling a complete story in a sticker design to the audience is difficult. Instead, try to focus on the marketing aspect for your product with an awesome design and a simple message that can instantly click. Think about stickers that we use on social media networks and messaging software like WhatsApp. You can get some inspiration from those stickers.


  1. Focus on the Message


Think about how you are going to get the most out of a sticker. Focusing on the message you want to deliver will help you in getting to a gold. Apt of use of typography is the key here. Even a small sticker can have big letters to get the attention, and the rest can be done through the graphic or picture.


Take a look at the twist done by Kapture, a cloud-based business automation CRM, on the famous I love (shape of the heart) New York logo.

The Kapture logo replaces the famous heart sign without overdoing or playing with the classic logo too much. The sticker looks great and sends a powerful message about Kapture’s head office location of New York City.

  1. Bright and Colorful Stickers

This is a primary requirement for a logo to work best for any business. Take a look at the above logo and see how it instantly captures your imagination. A nice concept, no doubt, but the use of bold colors make it stand out. But not just bold colors are going to work for you; you need to take quite some effort into this concern.

Usually, stickers are seen by others from a distance. Think about your sticker being on the laptop or on the bumper of a car. A bright-colored sticker will make their presence felt from a long distance too. For bright colors, don’t use multiple colors for sure. Even a single bright color, like Orange, can do the trick for you.

  1. Incorporate your Brand

While you need to take care of color, typography, and design, your brand must be at the heart of everything you do. Don’t use a color that doesn’t reflect your product or company. If the sticker doesn’t have any features of your brand, its effectively of no use, and your entire investment will go in vain.

See the stickers of Apple and McDonalds below and see that with a minimalist design, they can get your attention. Surely the logos are recognized worldwide, but still, both the companies have made an effort to create attractive stickers that anyone would love to have on their car or window.

  1. Call to Action

Yes. A simple looking sticker can stir a call to action. Surely a landing page is used in this regard and then CTA buttons with a smart tagline. But you can also make your investment in stickers profitable by thinking about how to incorporate a CTA through them.

Take a look at the design below and see what you can learn.


It’s a QR code that will make a person scan the code and see what offer is hidden inside the code or some other surprise for him. It’s an indirect way to incorporate a CTA through a sticker and a smart idea to make a sticker work.

  1. Make it Humorous

A sticker that can only muster a chuckle may work for you. You never know that how and when a potential customer will like your sticker and your message will click with him. You don’t need to narrate a joke through your sticker completely; it can be a single word coupled with a picture or graphic to make it work.

The above example is of subtle humor, asking for you to keep thinking with the phrase “Keep in on” The brand may not be visible here, but I have included this sticker for two reasons. Firstly, you can use a bigger sticker size for delivering a message. Secondly, people can think about your brand without a mention of it.

  1. The Shape of the Sticker

Lastly, a sticker doesn’t always have to be square or rectangular in shape. Oval, round or irregular shapes can also work for you.

You can see in the picture above that, apart from geometrical shapes, there are other shapes available as well. With a light change in a circle or square, for example, a sticker can look unique and can attract the eyeballs quicker than a typical square or rectangular sticker.

Over to you

When designing a sticker, let the sticker’s design speak for itself rather than trying to fill the space with text. Remember that you are not designing a banner or brochure where you can put in a lot of content. You can take care of other aspects too, like the material of the stickers, if you want to.

Please offer your valuable feedback for this blog or ask any questions you have in mind. For any feedback, too, please use the comments section below.

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