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Reaping the Benefits of the Strongest Social Media Channels

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Reaping the Benefits of the Strongest Social Media Channels

Social media is a powerful marketing tool – provided that you use it correctly.

The second part of the sentence is very important. You have all your audience spread out in the vortex of various social media platforms and so you have to segment them accordingly.

Businesses often fail in creating the perfect social media strategy. It happens most of the times because they are delivering the wrong content, to the wrong audience, at the wrong time and on the wrong channel. If you put all of them where they really belong and can adjust in, they can all stand correct. This is the most crucial part of the corporate branding strategy.

So how would you know which social media channel is relevant for what kind of information depending upon the audience? Some web design companies recently revealed how their strategy teams go about picking the right social media channels to reach relevant audiences. Here’s how they do it:


Facebook is the leading social network and you can find millennials on this network, more than anywhere else. So you now know what kind of audience lies here. With 1.5 billion users worldwide, there are chances that you can tap the youth and adults at the same time on this network. According to a survey, a user spends 20+ minutes on Facebook each day. The time is calculated during day-break or mid-day, call it the perfect time to reach your audience on this particular network. The only thing that really requires your attention is that if you are focusing on an international audience, take into account the different time-zones.


Pinterest is a fun way to discover and share away ideas. It has to be the most colorful, appealing and attractive social network that sounds more like a personalized pinning board in your room. This is what makes this so amazing. It has over 100 million active members, having a greater number of females who pin things that are inspiring and creative. It could be recipes, great artwork or something that is a blend of colors and creativity elements attached. You know what to do with your artwork and creative banners.


A personal favorite for microblogging and instant updates, Twitter is quite a straight-forward platform for sharing with your audience. There are over 300 million monthly active users here. Not to forget that Tweets act as instant updates as well that are taken very, very seriously. Although there are close to 50% of users on Twitter who has never sent a Tweet but know that they are still keeping a track of all those Tweets from the accounts they follow. Since there are only 140 characters, they are easily readable in full, giving you an opportunity to mention something powerful to drive the readers into clicking on the link or digital content you have attached.


With 57% of companies around the world having created their account on LinkedIn, and professionals keep on adding to the number of people joining the network every day, you company’s profile has a higher chance of being noticed here than anywhere else. It is extremely business-oriented as companies are even using it actively to look for the ideal candidates for jobs while professionals look in for helpful articles including statistics that they can believe and relate to. If you have a business-oriented, professionally written article with relevant statistics, post it here.


Instagram is yet another fun platform that allows you to share photos and short videos. Users present on this network has to come second to Facebook, given its captivating usability criteria. It’s super easy to use and relies heavily on sharing away creative and artistic pictures. Businesses use professional photography to match with the new deals as part of the corporate branding strategy that can make people fall in love with the brand.


If you have amazing stories to share or are very good at creating photo-story and entertaining the world through it, this is meant for you. Add in any trips and tours around the world or states, fun activities at work or a creative story about that new product. Be your own advertisement creative head here.


The perfect platform for sharing the videos. Be it ads, tips, and tricks or how-to, this is where you want the world to know how creative you can get with video content. With the average time spent on YouTube being 40 minutes, you can create content that really matters. It experiences the highest attention spans of individuals because visually understanding is what we rely on the most today. Also, this is a great place to target the teens.

Now you know which type of the content you need to share on the social networking sites to reap the benefits out of each of them. What’s next? Initiating sequence: Crafting a strategy, planning ahead of time and scheduling because, without all of these, your knowledge will practically be a waste. Chop chop, get out there and grab that audience!


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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