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Responsive Web Design – A Smart Choice!

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Responsive web design is defined as crafting your website for optimal viewing. Your site adopts the layout of the viewing environment and resizes accordingly. Responsive web designing will ensure your web page is more flexible and adaptable for different surfing medium. Whether you visit a web page from your tablet, smartphone or desktop computer, a responsive web page can fit in every screen size.

The website content is like water and should perfectly fit into any size and shape. Content is the most important part of your website, add images and other details considering your requirements and design your website according to the latest trends.

With the increasing users of internet via smartphone devices, it is today considered utmost important to design a responsive website. This ensures that your website is not only easily accessible from desktops but from small screen gadgets too.


The advantages of going responsive for your website design are:

—  Investing in responsive website design is profitable, this cuts the development costs for separate mobile and desktop versions of your website.

—  With increasing mobile users, responsive design can drastically increase your traffic.

— The concept of one website to fit in all devices is propagating widely and with the pervasion of mobile devices will soon be the norm.

  — Interaction with websites on tablets and smartphones is not the same as on the desktop, for a better interactive environment web designers should use responsive web design.


On desktops, to check any site being responsive you can simply restore down the browser if the content is arranged accordingly and fits- in properly then this website is responsive, but if the website does not fit the screen size, then it may not be following the principles of responsive web design.

Besides going responsive for web designs here are a number of others ways following which you can easily cater your mobile users.

    –  You can create a separate mobile version.

    –  A web application could be used to fulfill needs.

     –  Design an adaptive website which is far cheaper than the responsive website.


It is a smart choice to make your website responsive, rather than compartmentalizing it to different screen sizes. For business targeting audience, especially mobile users, designing a responsive web is the ultimate solution; this will not only help your visitors to roam easily but will also enhance your website rankings. With the ever growing market of digital marketing, designing a responsive website is an utmost duty for every single corporation to cater users using latest gadgets.  

Irfan Ak
Irfan Ak
He is currently associated with Dubai Monsters which is an independent web design agency specialized in web designing, corporate branding, and custom logo design services.

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