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See What the Future Holds for Web Technology in Next 5 Years

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July 18, 2016
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See What the Future Holds for Web Technology in Next 5 Years

Trends in the web community has been drastically changing since the past couple of years. There are some that come and vanish with time and then there are those that slightly change the functionality and stay for longer than others. However, they all have one thing in common: They have the potential to transform the face of the web in one way or the other, enhancing the overall UX, only making it better.

This year is half way down but included certain trends that left a lasting impression. Such trends are to dominate the world of web for the next years. Find out what they are:

Progressive web apps to overrun mobile apps

Web had been there since quite some time but never had it seen the potential of entering into the mobile world smoothly. Native applications leveraged the chance and took over to provide an efficient user experience. Then Google Accelerated Mobile Pages fixed the runtime performance of web applications as it prevented the developers to use elements that will drive a change in the mindset of the user. As a result, web today has become the App Store as it can be used in an offline mode without the hassle of actually installing the application from app store.

Functional programming to become the base for JavaScript

Functional programming came in years ago and went down to the hardware requirements at the expense of performance. Many of these worked in the 70’s. Today, we have JavaScript that has been functional since it started creating various global functions as used in HTML onclick event handlers. The legacy still lives. The functional programming, however, will be the fundamental base for code writing with support from JavaScript.

State-based architecture in support with Event Sourcing to become standard pattern for designing front-end

Storing events clearly assembles actual reality that we live in, inside 4 dimensions. Git, Elm and Redux are Event Sourcing with different names and other patterns are seemingly emerging that will make use of Event Sourcing. This will go way beyond the web, with various parts of the software ecosystem feeling the change. In fact, Event Sourcing will become a standard for the front-end of the web, thanks to its ability of handling user oriented actions as they perceive real life out of evolutionary perspective.

Standard pattern for writing CSS concerns in JavaScript

There are so many languages today that are utilized to write CSS efficiently (SASS, LESS, and so on) and more seems to be emerging. But there isn’t really need of anymore new languages when you can use JavaScript. It is quite fluent and a lot many find it easy to work with and that too without inventing any other language. Also, same objectives can be achieved as you use CSS with JavaScript.

So this is all that you need to know that is upcoming in the future. Take these into account and see if you can implement these in your web today to sync up in the near-future.


Mariya Sabeen
Mariya Sabeen
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